Battle of the Burritos - Los Angeles or San Diego
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Battle of the Burritos - Los Angeles or San Diego

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To the Californian a burrito is not just an assortment of fillings inside of a tortilla, it is a way of life. But, there are several ways to live in California. In this battle, we want to look at two of the more prominent types of recognized burrito styles. They hail from San Diego and Los Angeles respectively. 

Any self-respecting Californian knows the San Diego burrito. It is a "no frills" burrito. From Wikipedia.

The carne asada burrito is considered a regional food of San Diego. It has been said that to San Diegans, "carne asada burritos are as integral to the experience of the place as a slice of pie is to a New Yorker." The San-Diego style carne asada burrito is served with chunks of carne asada, guacamole, and pico de gallo salsa. This "wall-to-wall" use of meat contrasts to other burrito styles, which use rice and beans as filler ingredients.

Many argue that the San Diego burrito is more authentic in its flavoring and has a stronger influence of Mexican cuisine. 

But those who love the Los Angeles burrito would beg to differ. Los Angeles has a lot of variants on the burrito but the "classic" LA burrito... 

...consists of only beans and cheese; beyond this there are the "green chile" and "red chile" burritos, which may simply mean the addition of chiles or a meatless chile sauce to the plain beans (as at Al & Bea's), or meat and/or cheese as well. Rice, again, is rarely included, which along with the choice of chiles is one of the style's most defining traits. The menu will then usually go on to list multiple other combinations, such as beef and bean, all-beef, a "special" with further ingredients, etc. If the restaurant also offers hamburgers and sandwiches it may sell a burrito version of one or more of these, such as a hot dog burrito.

Two burritos both alike in dignity. In fair SoCal, where we lay our scene.....

Which burrito do you side with, LA or SD?

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The LA burrito is the burrito of choice from more than 80% of famous Hollywood actors. Well, we made this stat up, but still.
In San Diego burritos can be eaten for all three meals.
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