Are "Gap Years" legit, or just an excuse to not get a job?
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Are "Gap Years" legit, or just an excuse to not get a job?

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Malia Obama recently announced that she will be attending Harvard after a "gap year." 

Many of us can understand why the daughter of the president of the United States could benefit from a gap year. Her father is still president. But in a year when people ask, Malia can tell people that her father is "retired." Maybe that will make college life a bit more normal for her. 

But "gap years" aren't just for those of us raised by the leaders of the free world. According to the American Gap Association, roughly 40,000 Americans had gap years in 2013, which is 20% more than in 2006. 

Proponents say it gives soon-to-be-students or recent graduates some head space to think about who they are, put their studies in perspective and learn about the world. 

But there are also critics. And they don't have time for this childish bullshit. They want gap year participants to either get busy schooling or just get a job at the Gap. Sure, it's not as much fun, but it's reality and you have to face it eventually, especially if you aren't independently wealthy. And no, Americorps doesn't count! 

So what do you think: Are Gap years great or should this trend turn around? 

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Maybe we all need a break.
What if you don't end up going to college after a gap year?
"She has the right to enjoy her year off before starting at Harvard. But if following her lead becomes de rigueur, many of us will lose out."
If you could, you know you would.
Gap years are not for the normies. Just get a job.
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