Should we greet with Merry Christmas or happy holidays?

Holiday greetings have been debated for years. Purists argue we should greet with a "Merry Christmas" and not sanitized the holiday. But others argue that "happy holidays" is politically correct. After all, there is more than one holiday right after Thanksgiving. Which greeting should we use post-Thanksgiving?…

Would you rather spend time with family or friends during the holidays?

A lot of people dread going home for the holidays. They know the shit show that will inevitably happen when you bring the whole family under one roof. So instead, they opt for Friendsgiving-- or Christmas with their friends instead. There's the family we're born into, then there's the family we choose. Others feel like they have to make it back to their family for the holidays. It's the only time…

Would you rather talk to your family about politics or your love life during the holidays?

The worst part about the holidays is that you're going to have the same exact painful conversation over and over and over again. There's always going to be someone who's going to ask you about how your love life is going (aka when are you getting married?) or they're trying to start something over politics. They're both miserable conversations but sometimes you're just stuck between a rock and a h…

Are ring selfies tacky?

It's almost like it's a requirement that if you get engaged, you have to do the ring selfie—because it's not real unless it's on Instagram right? Like with highly public engagements on social media, ring selfies have inspired a backlash against over sharers. We get it, you're getting married, chill. Others see no problem with ring selfies. They're happy they get to share the couple's joy! Let peop…

Gift cards or cash: Which is the better present?

What would you rather receive in your Christmas stocking—gift cards or cold, hard cash? Gift cards at least shows that the gift giver took a moment to think about where they like to shop. But others say nothing is more considerate than giving someone actual filthy lucre that they can spend anywhere they want. Are gift cards or money the better present? 🎁💰…

Would you rather go home for the holidays or take a vacation?

Dealing with family on the holidays can be a bit stressful, but it's also the perfect time of the year to enjoy time with family. For some people the holidays are the only moments in the year they get to reconnect with family. Thanksgiving and Christmas are meant to be joyous and spent with loved ones. But family drama can get too real at the holiday dinner table. Nope, some folks prefer a nice, r…

Should we cancel men?

Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke and the #MeToo campaign went viral, new sexual harassment reports break daily. Admired Democrats like Al Franken and John Conyers, media figures like Charlie Rose and Glenn Thrush, and progressive reporters like Jordan Chariton and Matt Taibbi all stand accused. Even our president has been accused of abuse by 16 women. Some say generalizations about how all…

Are you sick of the engagement pics on social media?

Social media has totally transformed the ritual of getting engaged, but is that for better or for worse? Cynics say there's nothing romantic or classy about immediately posting ring selfies, and scoff at couples who already have their wedding hashtag all set to go. But others say that haters need to calm down. We live in the age of social media. Plenty of couples post engagements in ways that won'…

Should you talk about politics with family during the holidays?

Politics seeped into every aspect of life in 2017. Some people are trying to make it a point to avoid politics altogether because they don't want their family dinner to end with a fork in someone's thigh. But for others, the holidays is the perfect time to trigger their right wing uncle or try to get under the skin of their bleeding-heart liberal parents. What do you think? 😡…

Is Lena Dunham really a feminist?

"Girls" creator and star Lena Dunham is back in hot water after she made a public statement supporting a colleague accused of sexual assault. Critics said the actress, who considers herself a staunch feminist, was essentially calling the alleged victim (a Black woman) a liar. The backlash was so intense that Dunham apologized, and her fans say she shouldn't lose all her feminist cred because she m…