Which are better as pets: Cats or dogs?

It's a divisive argument, but we'll get into it anyway. Dog lovers say dogs are better because doggos are loyal and everything that's good on this planet. They've rightly earned the title of man's best friend. But cat lovers say felines are better because connections with cats actually mean something. You have to earn their trust and work at building the relationship. What do you think? 🐱 🐶
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Is Scientology a cult?

Scientology is recognized as a religion by the IRS, but former followers and critics say it's a cult. Its detractors point to a widespread abusive culture and the fact that it operates more like a for-profit business than a church. But believers say Scientology is a modern-day religion that helps its followers find spiritual fulfillment. Calling them a cult is unfair, especially as governments...
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Should restaurants offer child-free sections?

"There is definitely a demand for child-free restaurants, but nobody dares to say it out loud." Although some people love the idea of child-free spaces in restaurants, no one wants to be accused of being a kid-hater. Let's be honest, sometimes it sucks eating near kids. But others argue children are people too—they have a right to public spaces just like adults, and not everyone can afford a...
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Should circumcision be banned?

A growing movement is pushing for male circumcision to be banned for minors. Critics argue circumcision violates a child's rights to have their body intact. It's medically unnecessary and violates a person's right to make decisions about their body for themselves. Others argue a ban on circumcision would discriminate against Jews and Muslims—circumcision is a sacred ritual for both religions....
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Should marijuana be legalized?

Nine states and Washington D.C. have legalized cannabis, and advocates argue the rest of the United States should follow suit. According to Gallup, 64 percent of Americans now say weed should be made legal. Proponents of marijuana legalization say the plant is safe, has legitimate health benefits and is fun to use recreationally. But prohibitionists say marijuana legalization is bad for society...
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Are pit bulls too dangerous to own as pets?

Some places, like Miami-Dade County, ban pit bulls because the dog breed has been deemed as too dangerous to own. Pit bull safety advocates say the breed naturally has a stronger bite and is more aggressive than most dogs. Pit bull owners say pit bulls aren't actually more dangerous. It depends on how the owner raises the dog. What do you think? 🐶
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Should SeaWorld be shut down?

Tilikum, the famous orca from the 2013 documentary "Blackfish," died after 34 years in captivity. Tilikum's tragic story made headlines after he killed a SeaWorld trainer in 2010 and renewed calls to shut down SeaWorld. Animal rights activists say it's inhumane to hold sea mammals in holding tanks, forced to perform for humans. Supporters say SeaWorld runs largest rescue and rehabilitation...
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OkCupid vs. Tinder: Which dating app is better?

With tens of millions of users, OKCupid and Tinder are the most popular free dating apps by far. OkCupid users like its quirky questionnaire and compatibility ratings, and claim it's a better place to find an actual relationship. Tinder doesn't bother with questions; users see photos of people in their area, then swipe left or right to approve or reject potential matches. Do you think...
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Is it racist to fly the Confederate flag?

Until recently, many Americans saw the Confederate flag in neutral or positive terms. But today, the rebel flag has become a flashpoint in America's culture wars, particularly because of the resurgence of white supremacist groups. Those who fly the rebel flag say it represents Southern heritage, honors the Confederate dead, and symbolizes defiance. Critics of the flag say it's a symbol of...
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