Is the gig economy bad for workers?

The gig economy promised to let people be their own boss and live their best life—but it's not entirely clear that's happening. Tech companies say workers are happier working in the gig economy. Uber says 85 percent of its drivers choose to drive with Uber because it gives them better work-life balance. But many critics and labor organizations feel it's becoming increasingly clear that tech compan…

Which is cuter: Baby elephants or lion cubs?

The savanna is home to two of the cutest baby animals in the world—the lion cub and the baby elephant. Lion cubs are playful balls of fluff who will try to kill you but can't, so it's cute. Baby elephants are essentially elephant-shaped toddlers but better, because elephants are better people than people. Which animal is the cutest baby on the savanna? 🦁 🐘…

Is organized religion bad for society?

Secularists argue organized religion is bad because it enables bad people to do bad things in its name. They point to things like opposition to gay marriage, violence done in the name of religion, and misconduct of religious leaders as proof that religion ultimately leaves society worse off. However, religious groups say it's unfair to make generalizations about 84 percent of the world. Organized…

Is it wrong to buy purebred dogs?

The ASPCA estimate 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in shelters each year. Animal rights activists say people who want a pet should consider adopting instead of buying from a store—it's the humane thing to do. Critics of the #AdoptDontShop movement say there are legitimate reasons to buy purebred dogs, and a blanket condemnation of purebred dogs goes too far. What do you think? 🐶…

Should unpaid internships be illegal?

Unpaid internships are part and parcel of the college experience for many, but they're also a barrier to opportunity and social mobility. Critics say unpaid internships prevent poor and middle-class students from gaining the experience they need for full-time employment after graduation. Proponents of unpaid internships say they're a necessary evil. Many of the positions wouldn't exist if employer…

Can Samsung win people back with the Galaxy S8?

Samsung is unveiling its newest flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, on March 29. A lot is riding on the Galaxy S8 after the Note 7 battery fire fiasco last year. Experts are saying this will be Samsung's best phone yet—it features a new AI assistant named Bixby, a bigger and better display, and a sleek, new button-less design. Would you get the Galaxy S8?…

Best fried chicken: KFC or Popeyes?

People feel strongly about their fried chicken. KFC and Popeyes are at the top of the fried chicken food chain—second and third respectively in the fried chicken market (trailing only chicken sandwich juggernaut Chick-Fil-A). KFC's time-tested, secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices has won itself many loyal fans over the decades. But Popeyes cajun flavors and extra-crispy skin wins hearts and minds…

Can we all agree the Earth is not flat?

Shaq thinks the Earth is flat and he's not alone—Kyrie Irving, Draymond Green, Wilson Chandler and B.O.B. all think so too. Despite all the proof that Earth is a round object in space, flat-earthers would rather trust their five senses over scientific consensus. Do you think the Earth is flat? 🌎…

Will automation destroy more jobs than it creates?

Economists and entrepreneurs say the advent of robots and automation will destroy more jobs than it will create—leading to a world where computers do most of the work and humans do... something else. Some critics say experts are exaggerating when they say the future will be jobless. Automation will replace some tasks, but it will also create new opportunities. The cost of goods will go down. Peopl…

Should YouTube get rid of 'Restricted Mode'?

The LGBTQ community is calling out YouTube for censoring their content under the platform's Restricted Mode—which is meant to "filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience." YouTube says it is not censoring anyone, the overly strict restrictions were simply a mistake. Content creators are calling for an immediate fix or YouTube to dump it completely, be…

Should Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resign?

Uber continues to bleed high level executives with Uber president Jeff Jones' departure. Jones' exit was blamed on differences in "beliefs and approach to leadership." Some critics say this is proof Uber needs a new CEO. All of these problems can be tracked back to CEO Travis Kalanick and his win-at-all-costs attitude. Others say Kalanick should not leave because he's the founder—he made Uber into…