Is Netflix ruining cinema?

The Festival de Cannes will no longer be considering Netflix's movies for competition. Cannes jury president Pedro Almodóvar says cinema is only cinema when it's shown on the big screen—movies are something to be shared culturally. Watching them alone on your laptop screen in the dark is not cinema. Others say Netflix is saving cinema. It's giving directors artistic freedom to create their visions…

Should farms stop using antibiotics on livestock?

Farms feed antibiotics to livestock on a mass scale in order to prevent illnesses stemming from poor conditions and to help increase growth rates. Farms say antibiotics are a necessary part of modern farming—there's no way to supply the huge amounts of meat Americans demand. Health officials say this practice is slowly making antibiotics useless. The widespread use of antibiotics in farms is drivi…

Should pig gestation crates be banned?

Hog farms are under pressure to stop the use of gestation crates—stalls breeding pigs stay in for most of their lives as they give birth to litter after litter. Activists say this practice is essentially torture and is even worse when you factor in how intelligent and social pigs are. Farmers say gestation crates are not cruel and the best available method to raise pigs. There's simply no other wa…

Is it wrong to buy a dog instead of adopting?

Animal right advocates say people who want a dog should adopt instead of purchasing one. Buying dogs from pet stores supports puppy mills, or large commercial dog breeding facilities where animals are often mistreated. Besides, there are millions of dogs in shelters looking for a new home. Some owners want a specific breed and think there's no issue if the dog is purchased responsibly. What do you…

Is it pointless to label GMOs?

Genetically modified food has to be labeled in the United States, but both pro-GMO and anti-GMO sides are unhappy with the law. Critics say the law lets manufacturers hide GMO products behind confusing labels—GMO labels are extremely important and should be clearly posted. Others say GMOs are absolutely safe to eat. Labeling genetically modified food only helps to fuel misinformation about GMOs. W…

Is Buffalo Wild Wings better than Wingstop?

There are few things more sacred in America than wings. Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings are the two biggest players in the game. Wingstop keeps it simple with its 12 flavors—it doesn't need to be fancy, it's simply good. Buffalo Wild Wings is a man-cave masquerading as a restaurant. It's got all the beer you can drink, all the sports you can possibly watch and all the wings you can eat. What's not…

Does gun control work?

Gun control advocates say it's too easy to get a gun in the United States. Time and time again, people who should not have access to firearms are able to legally obtain a gun, and then use those weapons use to kill or maim other Americans. But critics say gun control actually makes people less safe. Putting barriers to obtain and carry guns means only criminals will only stop law-abiding citizens.…

Do you really need air conditioning?

It's that time of year again when people dust off their air conditioning units and switch on central air. Supporters of air conditioning say it's a necessity of modern living, especially as climate change sends temperatures soaring to unbearable limits. It keeps us cool and more productive. But critics say air conditioning has made us soft and heavy use contributes greatly to humanity's carbon foo…

Will dumping net neutrality rules improve the Internet?

The FCC began the process of killing net neutrality rules in a 2-1 vote, allowing for a review of rules passed in 2015 that placed cable and telecom companies under stricter FCC oversight. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says the regulations stifle business innovation, kill jobs and are entirely unnecessary. Net neutrality advocates say the rules are necessary to preserve an open Internet; companies shouldn…

Is it wrong to keep animals in zoos?

Activists argue it's wrong to keep animals in zoos. Animals are used to roaming wide, open spaces and should be free to live in the wild—keeping them in enclosures for human entertainment is wrong. Proponents say zoos play a useful role in educating the public about conservation, are important centers of research, and help preserve endangered species. What do you think? 🐘…