Do colleges discriminate against conservatives?

Conservatives say their views are demonized by liberal professors and students who outnumber them on college campuses. They say conservatives are effectively censored—the stigma discourages them from openly sharing their views out of fear of being labeled racist or hateful. Critics say colleges are meant to be places where views are challenged. There's nothing wrong with being conservative, but if…

Should we ban plastic bags?

California is the first state to ban single-use plastic bags in large retail stores, and activists are pushing states across the country to follow suit. Countries like New Zealand and the U.K. are implementing efforts to reduce the use of single-use bags to better protect the environment. Critics say the government shouldn't tell people what to do. Besides, in the big picture, bag bans are just fe…

Best streaming service: Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix and Hulu occupy different spaces in the streaming service landscape. Netflix is the original streaming service. It's morphed into an original content behemoth with hit originals like "Stranger Things," "Orange is the New Black" and "Luke Cage." On the flip side, Hulu is pushing hard into partnerships and TV shows. It might not have "Stranger Things," but it does have pretty much every on-a…

Best type of weed: Indica or sativa?

You have to choose the right weed for the job. It comes down to this—indica strains will help you chill, while sativa strains give you energy. Indicas are relaxing, let you kick back, and soothe any aches and pains you might have. But smoke too much and you probably won't be leaving the couch any time soon. Sativas are the opposite—they hit you with an uplifting buzz and give you a nice mood boost…

You can choose only one: Salsa or Guacamole?

You're at the grocery store and you already have your favorite bag of tortilla chips in the shopping cart, but you've got a huge problem! You only have enough money in your pocket for salsa or guacamole. Questionable scenario aside, you must make a decision which will one will bring more happiness to your life. Do you choose salsa or guacamole? We need to know.…

Would you rather have a steak or a burger?

Red meat is not particularly good for you, or the environment. A lot of people swear it off completely. That's a shame, because red meat is delicious, and for some people, they'd be willing to die earlier and see the planet go to hell for another juicy bite into that perfect burger—or steak. So this one is for all the carnivores out there. Would you rather have a a steak or a burger? 🍔 🍖…

Would you rather drink beer or wine?

There's nothing like having a drink to unwind after a long work day—but should it be beer or wine? Your average beer has less alcohol than wine, but a pint of beer will get you just as buzzed as a medium glass of wine. Both wine and beer can pair well with food—or go great by themselves. Are you a beer person or a wine person? 🍺 🍷…

Chicken wings vs. chicken tenders: Which reigns supreme?

Fried chicken is pretty delicious but people can't agree on its ultimate form—wings or tenders. Chicken tenders are a no-fuss way of eating fried chicken. It's fried chicken without the mess and the work. Chicken wings are messy, but when cooked just right, they're so, so delicious. The bone keeps the meat at just the perfect level of tenderness and adds much needed flavor. Which do you prefer? 🍗…

Best way to get high: Edibles or smoking?

America is in the middle of a marijuana revival, but not everyone is in agreement over the best way to consume it. Weed purists are all about smoking it—whether it's a joint, bong, dab, or vape. Smoking gives people control over how little or extreme they want their buzz. But others live life on the edge and eat edibles, then eat another edible, then get really stoned for a few hours. It's a great…

Should churches have police forces?

An Alabama mega-church, Briarwood Presbyterian, is inching closer to a state law that would allow its two campuses to have a dedicated police force of its choosing. The church has thousands of events each year at its schools and facilities, and a dedicated police force could be a better option than private security or hiring off-duty officers. Legislation passed last year but wasn't signed by the…

Is it safer to smoke weed than to drink alcohol?

Marijuana is demonized by anti-drug advocates for being a dangerous gateway to harder drugs. They say even by itself, marijuana is highly dangerous and can cause long-term negative effects on a person's health and mental well-being. Proponents of marijuana say the drug is impossible to overdose on and is incredibly safe, especially when compared to things like alcohol. The worst thing that could h…

Are leggings pants?

People love to wear leggings, and others love to hate on those wearing leggings. Many people choose to wear leggings as pants because they're comfortable as hell. No one really likes pants, and besides, no one has the right to tell others what to wear. But critics say it's indecent, or at the very least sloppy, to wear leggings as pants. It's not that hard to put some effort into how you look. Wha…

Will you miss Bill O'Reilly?

Bill O'Reilly is out, according to New York magazine writer Gabe Sherman. Fox News is negotiating exit terms with O'Reilly after the New York Times reported Fox paid $13 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits with five women. O'Reilly says the allegations are part of an "orchestrated campaign by activists and lawyers" being conducted against him. Will Fox News regret stepping out of the "no-…

Does Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino look amazing or disgusting?

Starbucks is making the Unicorn Frappuccino available in its stores for a short time between April 19 and 23. Some Starbucks fanatics can't wait to Instagram their colorful drinks. Others think the rainbow-colored drinks are the most disgusting thing in the world and are dreading their Instagram feeds being full of basic rainbow-colored Fappuccinos. What do you think? 🌈…

Is addiction a choice or a disease?

Over 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, with heroin, synthetic opioids and prescription painkillers accounting for over 80 percent of U.S. deaths from overdoses. Critics like U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions say the U.S. needs to crackdown on addicts and dealers to stop the epidemic. Others say addiction is a disease and should be treated like one. Instead of punishing addicts…

Is Tomi Lahren being treated unfairly?

Glenn Beck is countersuing Tomi Lahren after Lahren filed a wrongful termination suit against The Blaze, which occurred in the wake of her controversial remarks on "The View." Lahren's supporters say she's being unfairly silenced for expressing her views. But Lahren's critics say her views are offensive, and she is not entitled to a platform to broadcast her views to an audience. What do you think…

Should the U.S. adopt Medicare for all?

A plurality of Americans support adopting a single-payer healthcare system, or as Bernie Sanders puts it—Medicare for all. Supporters say a single-payer system would drastically reduce healthcare costs and ensure no one is turned away for a lack of money. Critics say single-payer systems don't work and will lower the quality of the American healthcare system. What do you think? 😷…

Should Facebook get rid of its 'Live' feature?

Cleveland resident Steve Stephens used Facebook Live to broadcast himself killing a random man on Sunday evening. Critics say Facebook should shut down its "Live" feature until it can figure out a better way to control what content is broadcasted to the platform. Others say Facebook Live plays an important role in in the world, and has become a powerful tool against police shootings and law enforc…

Is Alex Jones a fraud?

Alex Jones is in the middle of a custody battle that hinges on whether or not his persona on "InfoWars" is just performance art—or if it's really him. Jones made his name by pushing grandiose conspiracy theories, like claiming that 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing and Sandy Hook were all "false flag" operations carried out by the U.S. government. Jones' lawyer says it's all just performance art,…

Best spot on a plane: Window seat or aisle seat?

When you're packed into a cylindrical aluminum tube flying thousands of feet in the air, where you sit matters. Window seat fans say that seat is the best because it protects you from getting up for other passengers, gives you a place to sleep, and you get to control whether or not the window stays open. Aisle seat proponents say the aisle gives passengers freedom of movement and bathroom access,…

Is it racist to fly the Confederate flag?

Until recently, most Americans saw the Confederate flag in neutral or positive terms, but that's starting to change as movements like #BlackLivesMatter are bringing the issue to the forefront of America's culture wars. Those who fly the rebel flag say it represents Southern heritage and is a symbol of defiance. Critics of the rebel flag say it's impossible to separate the symbol from its history—i…