Is organic food worth the higher price?

Organic food is in such high demand now that even Walmart carries it—but eating organic isn't cheap, and skeptics wonder if it's worth the extra cost. Organic products cost an average of 47 percent more than conventional ones. Some studies show organic food is richer in nutrients, and proponents argue the extra cost is worth the environmental benefits of pesticide-free agriculture. But others say…

Is exploring space a waste of resources?

Space travel has always been a hard sell, and even more so when budgets get tight. Critics say space exploration is a poor use of money when there are so many problems that could be immediately addressed—like climate change. Supporters say space exploration is a long-term investment in science, and besides, exploration is one of the deepest human needs. What do you think? 🚀…

Should cities ban pit bulls?

Some cities ban pit bulls because they are perceived to be more dangerous than other dog breeds. Pit bull advocates say the breed is no more likely to bite or attack than any other breed—and like with all dogs, it depends on the owner and the individual animal. Others say pit bulls are inherently dangerous because they were bred to fight large animals. This means the breed is just inherently that…

Should drug companies be allowed to advertise to the public?

"Ask your doctor!" Direct-to-consumer drug advertising (DTCA) is illegal in every developed nation except the US and New Zealand. Critics of drug ads say they "mislead consumers into taking costly prescription drugs that they do not need." But others argue that Americans are accustomed to being bombarded with ads for prescription drugs. The ads help inform patients about health care, encouraging t…

Should everyone be entitled to a basic income?

Automation will destroy a huge number of jobs as robots and A.I. become ubiquitous across industries. Some leaders of the tech community worry automation will effectively render work obsolete for many. A basic income is needed to address the fact that thousands will be unemployed and without opportunities to find employment. Others think a basic income is a bad way to fight poverty and new kinds o…

Is Shakespeare overrated?

Shakespeare's plays are more than 400 years old, yet they're still required reading in American high schools and universities. Most literary scholars agree Shakespeare is the greatest writer in the history of the English language. But Shakespearean language is antiquated, tough to read, and many students dread slogging through it. Some of the plays are just bad. Brilliant authors like Leo Tolstoy…

Is Scientology a cult?

Between its many celebrity adherents and bizarre dogma, Scientology is often the butt of jokes. But a recent documentary series has people asking if Scientology is actually dangerous. "Scientology and the Aftermath" is not the first exposé of the movement, but the Church has created a website to debunk the series, saying it promotes religious bigotry. Sure, Scientology is strange—but is it really…