Should kids believe in Santa Claus?

Almost every American child believes in Santa Claus, but eventually, other kids or family members reveal the truth (SPOILER). Many argue that Santa Clause is healthy for kids. Santa gets children into the holiday spirit and the jolly figure can be used to discipline kids. But some say Santa is also a commercialized figure, and convincing kids Santa is real isn't good for their mental health. Besid…
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Should we greet with Merry Christmas or happy holidays?

Holiday greetings have been debated for years. Purists argue we should greet with a "Merry Christmas" and not sanitized the holiday. But others argue that "happy holidays" is politically correct. After all, there is more than one holiday right after Thanksgiving. Which greeting should we use post-Thanksgiving?…
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Favorite Christmas movie: ‘A Christmas Story’ or ‘Home Alone’?

Our favorite Christmas movies and specials are on replay every year during the holidays, but "A Christmas Story" and "Home Alone" are arguably the best classics that capture the adolescent spirit during the season. "A Christmas Story" is regarded as one of the greatest Christmas movies; the classic is preserved in the National Film Registry. But "Home Alone" was a smash success, and the blockbuste…
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Are you sick of the engagement pics on social media?

Social media has totally transformed the ritual of getting engaged, but is that for better or for worse? Cynics say there's nothing romantic or classy about immediately posting ring selfies, and scoff at couples who already have their wedding hashtag all set to go. But others say that haters need to calm down. We live in the age of social media. Plenty of couples post engagements in ways that won'…
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Should you talk about politics with family during the holidays?

Politics seeped into every aspect of life in 2017. Some people are trying to make it a point to avoid politics altogether because they don't want their family dinner to end with a fork in someone's thigh. But for others, the holidays is the perfect time to trigger their right wing uncle or try to get under the skin of their bleeding-heart liberal parents. What do you think? 😡…
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Gift cards or cash: Which is the better present?

What would you rather receive in your Christmas stocking—gift cards or cold, hard cash? Gift cards at least shows that the gift giver took a moment to think about where they like to shop. But others say nothing is more considerate than giving someone actual filthy lucre that they can spend anywhere they want. Are gift cards or money the better present? 🎁💰…
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Should we give to charity instead of giving gifts for the holidays?

Americans will spend about $967 per person this holiday season; as a nation, we will dish out more than $678.8 billion on gifts. Some say this spending isn't just stressful, it's wasteful. We should stop giving unneeded gifts to each other, and instead pool our resources to give to charities and those in need. Others adore the individual gift-giving tradition, and say you can't get rid of the best…
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Favorite teen dystopian movie: 'The Hunger Games' or 'Divergent'?

"The Hunger Games" and "Divergent" are arguably the best dystopian series of the '10s. "The Hunger Games" grossed more than $694 million globally at the box office before releasing three successful sequels. "Divergent" only made $288 million worldwide, but the blockbuster and its sequels are arguably loved just as much among its fans. Which dystopian film is your favorite?…
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Which NBA big man would you rather have: Kristaps Porzingis or Joel Embiid?

The NBA may have shifted to being a guard’s game, but that doesn’t mean the league doesn’t have supremely talented big men. Kristaps Porzingis is out of the shadow of Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony in New York, and dominating the league. Joel Embiid finally looks healthy, and is already rewarding the faith of 76ers fans who trusted the process. Who would you rather have? 🏀…
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Should tax dollars pay for gender reassignment surgery?

The Pentagon confirmed in a statement that it would pay for a transgender soldier's gender reassignment surgery for the first time. Many have applauded the Pentagon's decision—if an individual chooses to fight for our country, the least we can do is pay their medical bills. But others argue taxpayer dollars shouldn't cover surgeries they contend are "elective," and believe the military is no place…
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