Favorite Christmas crooner: Frank Sinatra or Michael Bublé?

Christmas music is arguably the thing that gets people into the holiday spirit. Fans of Christmas music have been listening to the smooth classic sounds of Frank Sinatra for decades. While Sinatra paved the way for other traditional pop crooners, Michael Bublé has given listeners a fresh sound to uplift their Christmas spirits during the jolly season. It's the classic crooner versus the new croone…
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Twenty One Pilots' best hit: 'Tear In My Heart' or 'Ride'?

Twenty One Pilots' message of hope really inspired the fandom, so it came as no surprise they were the crowned winners of our Ultimate Fan Army bracket. The rap-rock duo's. But that's not all—the fan army also voted on their favorite hits, so let's settle it. "Tear In My Heart" is the second single from the chart-topping "Blurryface," peaking at #2 on the Alternative Songs chart. But "Ride" became…
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Favorite Little Mix hit: 'Shout Out to My Ex' or 'Move'?

Little Mix's Mixers didn't win our Ultimate Fan Army bracket, but the fandom was named the runner-up and Most Empowered Fan Army. Mixers also voted on their favorite hits, so let's hash it out. "Shout Out to My Ex" might very well be Little Mix's most girl-powered anthem yet. But "Move" simply makes you want to get up and dance. Which song is your favorite? 🎤…
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Would you rather go home for the holidays or take a vacation?

Dealing with family on the holidays can be a bit stressful, but it's also the perfect time of the year to enjoy time with family. For some people the holidays are the only moments in the year they get to reconnect with family. Thanksgiving and Christmas are meant to be joyous and spent with loved ones. But family drama can get too real at the holiday dinner table. Nope, some folks prefer a nice, r…
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Would you rather spend time with family or friends during the holidays?

A lot of people dread going home for the holidays. They know the shit show that will inevitably happen when you bring the whole family under one roof. So instead, they opt for Friendsgiving-- or Christmas with their friends instead. There's the family we're born into, then there's the family we choose. Others feel like they have to make it back to their family for the holidays. It's the only time…
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Would you rather talk to your family about politics or your love life during the holidays?

The worst part about the holidays is that you're going to have the same exact painful conversation over and over and over again. There's always going to be someone who's going to ask you about how your love life is going (aka when are you getting married?) or they're trying to start something over politics. They're both miserable conversations but sometimes you're just stuck between a rock and a h…
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Are ring selfies tacky?

It's almost like it's a requirement that if you get engaged, you have to do the ring selfie—because it's not real unless it's on Instagram right? Like with highly public engagements on social media, ring selfies have inspired a backlash against over sharers. We get it, you're getting married, chill. Others see no problem with ring selfies. They're happy they get to share the couple's joy! Let peop…
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Is Christmas more about religion or presents?

Christmas has become a secular holiday in the United States, but some people say we forget that religion is the real reason for the season. Just over 81% of America's non-Christians celebrate Christmas and many see the Yuletide as an opportunity to give and receive gifts. Is Christmas more about religion or presents? 🎄⛪🎁…
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Would you rather get a real or fake Christmas tree?

For decades, the American people have debated if real or fake Christmas trees are better. Some would argue that aesthetically artificial Christmas trees are prettier. But others say you're not truly about the Christmas spirit without getting a real tree. Experts also say that the debate gets even more complicated when trying to decide if real or fake Christmas trees are better for the environment.…
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Is it better to open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Some people like to pregame their December 25 gift extravaganza by opening some presents the night before Christmas. But purists prefer waiting until Christmas morning. Which is better—opening gifts on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day?🎄🎁…
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