Is Colin Kaepernick a hero?

When Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem for racial injustice, he received a landslide of praise and harsh criticism. Many people feel Kaepernick is a hero for bringing attention to the racial inequality people of color face in the United States, even if it cost him his job. Others look at Kaepernick as a disrespectful malcontent who is unpatriotic for protesting during a national…
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Who was baseball's most valuable player in 2017: Jose Altuve or Giancarlo Stanton?

MLB announced Jose Altuve and Giancarlo Stanton were American League and National League MVP, respectively. But who was the MVP of the entire league? You get to choose! The diminutive Jose Altuve towered over the rest of the AL as the spark plug for the World Series Champion Houston Astros, while Stanton’s massive home runs with the Miami Marlins powered him across the finish line in a close NL ra…
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RuPaul's fiercest anthem: 'Supermodel' or 'Cover Girl'?

RuPaul is now 57 years old, and he's still slaying as the most commercially successful drag queen of all time. The Supermodel of the World rose to prominence with the groundbreaking gay anthem "Supermodel (You Better Work)" in 1993. RuPaul was everywhere in the '90s—modeling, acting and even hosting VH1's "The RuPaul Show." His success continued in the '00s, becoming the host of "RuPaul's Drag Rac…
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Is President Trump a hypocrite for condemning Al Franken?

In a series of Tweets, President Trump condemned Sen. Al Franken for allegedly kissing and groping a woman without her consent. Some believe liberals are being hypocritical for protecting Democrats accused of assault. But others think Trump is the biggest hypocrite of them all. After being caught on tape bragging about assaulting women, and with over a dozen women accusing Trump of assault, the pr…
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Should Democrats shut down the government?

House Republicans just passed their tax reform bill, which critics argue only benefits the rich. Democratic votes are required to move a spending bill through the Senate, and many are calling on Democrats to shut down the government if Republicans refuse to fix DACA, protect Obamacare and reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program. But others think a government shutdown is bad politics, a…
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Is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a hero?

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is going to war with the NFL over the contract extension for league commissioner Roger Goodell, and the battle is being waged publicly. With the league out of touch, Jones’ stand against Goodell to save the NFL is admirable. Still, Jones had no problem with Goodell until his star running back was suspended by the league. He’s not being heroic. He’s just being petty…
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Is profanity protected by the First Amendment?

A Texas sheriff threatened to bring disorderly conduct charges against a truck driver for displaying a sticker that read "F--K TRUMP AND F--K YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM." The driver claimed she was just exercising her right to free speech. But some argue obscenity displayed in public places is not protected by the First Amendment, and nobody wants young children seeing curse words at every turn. What…
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Who was the best pitcher in all of baseball in 2017: Max Scherzer or Corey Kluber?

MLB has awarded Max Scherzer and Corey Kluber the National League and American League Cy Young awards, respectively. But who is the Cy Young winner for the entire league? You decide! Scherzer is just the 10th pitcher to win the award the last two seasons and won in dominating fashion. Kluber was two votes away from a unanimous victory and recovered from an injury to dominate the AL. Who is the rea…
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Should Al Franken resign from the Senate?

Los Angeles broadcaster Leeann Tweeden alleged Sen. Al Franken "kissed and groped" her without her consent in 2006, and released a photo to back up her claim. Many are calling on the junior senator from Minnesota to resign, but Franken himself released an apology and claimed the photo was "clearly intended to be funny." Others believe it is hypocritical for conservatives to call for Franken's resi…
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Should the Tennessee Volunteers welcome back Lane Kiffin?

The Tennessee Volunteers coaching search rolls on, and an interesting name has surfaced—former disgraced coach Lane Kiffin. The current Florida Atlantic coach has led the Owls to a Conference USA East Division title, and having him return could be a redemption story the Volunteers need. Still, Kiffin abandoned Tennessee the last time he coached there, leaving the program high and dry. Should the s…
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