'MTV Cribs' is being rebooted for Snapchat

"MTV Cribs" is getting a reboot in Snapchat. While some people think readapting a show like "Cribs" to a platform like Snapchat is the best thing ever, others think it won't be all it's hyped up to be. What do you think?…
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RNC spring meeting results in zero changes to convention rules

The Republican National Committee met Thursday in Florida to discuss possible changes to the GOP convention rules. The Republican establishment has been trying to block frontrunner Donald Trump from securing the 1,237 delegates he needs for the nomination, so the grassroots were wary of any rule changes that could open the door to other establishment-approved candidates. But all motions to change…
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Rihanna or the Beatles: Who's the better Billboard chart-topping singles act?

Rihanna has been putting in "work work work work work work" to be No. 1! And she's breaking all kinds of records. RiRi surpassed the Beatles this week with the most weeks spent at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, with a total of 60 weeks. Fans of the Fab Four say she isn't anywhere near the level of the pop icon that they reached. So who's the better Billboard chart-topping singles musical act: Bad…
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Prince has died

Prince, the influential and sometimes controversial music artist, has died. The outpouring of condolences and tributes on social media from artists, actors and musicians from around the world are a testament to the kind of influence Prince had on the industry. As part of a tribute let's ask a question that music nerds around the world have asked themselves at some point. What's your favorite Princ…
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Clinton allies urge Bernie Sanders to ease off attacks for the good of the party

Should the Sanders campaign tone down their attacks on Clinton for the good of the party, or should they try to take Clinton down any way they can? The Clinton campaign has been very careful not to tell Bernie Sanders to drop out — but they are asking him to tone it down. After Sanders's decisive defeat in New York on Tuesday, Sanders's chances of the nomination are slim. As a result, some Clinton…
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Michael Strahan to exit 'Live' with Kelly Ripa for 'GMA.'

Michael Strahan dropped a bomb on his co-host Kelly Ripa and producer Michael Gelman of ABC's "Live with Kelly and Michael" on Tuesday. He announced he's leaving their show for ABC's bigger show "Good Morning America." Since then, Ripa has gone M.I.A. from "Live" and many speculate she's upset about being blindsided. Did Strahan do Ripa dirty? Does she have a right to be upset? Maybe she should be…
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Another wrestling legend dies young. Does the sport need to reform?

Rowdy Roddy Piper. The Ultimate Warrior. Mr. Perfect. Bam Bam Bigelow. Ravishing Rick Rude, Eddie Guerrero and more. The list of wrestlers that have died young is depressingly long. Unfortunately, late on Wednesday night, it got longer. Joanie Laurer, better known as "Chyna," passed away at the age of 45. Just last August the World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.(WWE) spoke out in a BBC article about…
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NY Dem primary is being investigated for voting irregularities

New York state is investigating the state's Board of Elections after some 120,000 Democrat voter files in Brooklyn were purged since November. Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in the closed primary by double digits. Was the voter purge a coincidence or was it rigged by a bureaucrat to skew the results of the primary?…
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Conor McGregor says he's retiring from MMA fighting

Twitter went wild after popular mixed martial arts (MMA) star Conor McGregor announced his retirement. Many critics blasted the announcement as a publicity stunt for more money or attention — and others said this decision might have something to with the death of his friend and MMA star Joao Carvalho. Is McGregor really retiring? Or is he just looking for more money, a new contract or attention? S…
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Is Snapchat's 420 filter digital 'blackface'?

The un-official holiday celebrates the stickiest of the icky. Lots of people and organizations join the fun with weed jokes. Hey, it's 2016! Snapchat played along by creating a filter that turned a users face into the likeness of Bob Marley. It included dreadlocks and digital blackface. Blackface is never cool. Snapchat says the lens was "created in partnership with the Bob Marley Estate, and give…
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