Tom Brady receives four-game suspension for "Deflate-gate"

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit sided with the NFL and ruled that the league can suspend quarterback Tom Brady for the first four games of the 2016 season for his role in "Deflate-gate." New England Patriots fans and the NFL Players Association are extremely unhappy with the decision, arguing that the Patriots were already fined millions and that a four-game suspension is excessiv…
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The latest X-Men Apocalypse trailer is out

The latest X-Men trailer features a character that until now hadn't made an appearance in any of the other X-Men: Apocalypse trailers: Wolverine. The mutant makes an appearance at the end of the trailer, when his iconic blades briefly come into view. Hopefully it's more than a cameo. While some fans were genuinely surprised that Wolverine will be included in the new movie, others say there was no…
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Beyonce releases her second visual album

Members of the BeyHive are sipping on some sweet-ass lemonade right now, and it's because our queen—Beyonce—snatched our edges yet again! Yep, she's back with yet another surprise release: her second visual album, "Lemonade," which is now dominating iTunes and Tidal. Although "Lemonade" is a HUGE pop culture phenomenon, is it bigger than "Beyonce" — the self-titled visual album that was her first…
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Kasich and Cruz join forces to block Trump

Republican presidential candidates John Kasich and Ted Cruz announced Sunday that their campaigns will join forces to block front-runner Donald Trump. Trump needs 1,237 delegates to clinch the Republican nomination; to prevent him from reaching that number, Kasich and Cruz will not compete with each other in the upcoming Indiana, New Mexico, and Oregon primaries. Kasich will now focus on winning t…
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Obama is sending 250 more troops to Syria

Obama is expected to announce on Monday that he is sending 250 more troops to Syria. While the number is small and the troops are being sent to train local forces to fight the Islamic State, not fight themselves, it is a significant increase of U.S. military personnel in the area. There are currently around 50 U.S. special operations forces in Syria. It is unknown how many of the 250 being sent ar…
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Are you going to start tipping your Uber driver?

Uber discourages passengers from tipping its drivers. Many Uber passengers have gotten used to hopping out of the cab, no fuss. The tip, Uber says, is factored into the cost of the ride. But in the aftermath of a legal settlement around workforce classification, that might change. Since there's no way to tip drivers in the app, it means you'll have to calculate and tip in cash. In a WSJ article Be…
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Speculation continues around cause of Prince's death

The world is still reeling in shock from the news of Prince's death on April 21. The 57-year-old singer was in the midst of a global tour and appeared to be in perfect health. We now know that, six days before he died he was rushed to a hospital and treated for an overdose of Percocet, a powerful opioid pain medication. As details emerge, speculation has run rampant that Prince was abusing or addi…
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The Chargers have unveiled plans for their new San Diego stadium

The Chargers unveiled concept drawings for a new stadium in downtown San Diego. While the rosy drawings have some fans excited, others wonder if the stadium will ever be built. Before it can be built, the proposed stadium will have to be approved by voters in November - but many are uneasy about the vague language that potentially exposes taxpayers to costs in the future. Will the stadium ever be…
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Beyonce masters the art of surprising her fans

The BeyHive will always worship and hail their queen—but her surprises might be causing some of her fans (and even Stans) a bit of anxiety and stress. Are Beyonce’s surprises always fun, or is the Queen Bey's unpredictability stressing you out? Following a surprise self-titled album release in late 2013, then a surprise release of the “Formation” music video as well as a world tour announcement, B…
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Was Arrieta's no-hitter a fluke?

Cub's pitcher Jake Arrieta just pitched a no-hitter – making him the only Cubs pitcher to have a no-hitter in back-to-back seasons. Last season, when he pitched a no-hitter, some questioned whether it was a fluke given his less-than stellar performance pitching for the Orioles. After this year's performance, everyone is pausing to think a bit harder. ESPN Senior Writer Jayson Stark took a good loo…
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