Hard cider vs. pumpkin beer: Best Halloween party drink?

It's that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and the parties are getting spookier. Hard cider has been the autumnal drink of choice for thousands of years, but tradition gets stale after awhile. Sales of pumpkin beer have exploded in recent years, but beer makers say its popularity may have peaked. Which one is your go-to drink for a wicked Halloween pa…
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Does Trump threaten democracy?

Donald Trump said if he won the presidency, he would appoint a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton. This is unprecedented in American politics. In fact, it is often what authoritarians do. However, Trump's supporters see him as an outsider unencumbered by parasitic lobbyists who can save America, and think Hillary is the one who is a threat to democracy. What do you think? Vote below!…
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Is Hillary a threat to democracy?

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party are accused of subverting democracy by cheating in the primaries, and enabling Hillary to use public office for her own gain. Hillary's critics characterize her "open trade and open borders" policy as a threat to democracy. However, she also won the primaries by over 2.4 million votes, and there is no credible evidence that she has committed any crimes. Her…
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Is Tony Romo's career as a starting NFL quarterback over?

Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has led the Dallas Cowboys to an impressive 4-1 record after franchise signal-caller Tony Romo broke a bone in his back. Romo is still hoping to return before the end of the season, but at age 36—and with a history of serious injuries—many fans are wondering if it's time for the four-time Pro Bowler to hang up the cleats. But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones still insists…
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Which legendary musician is better: Paul McCartney or Bob Dylan?

Paul McCartney has 29 #1 hits to his name. Bob Dylan is credited for bringing the electric guitar to folk music and ushering in the 1960s counter-culture. McCartney, 74, and Dylan, 75, are both still performing. Most would argue McCartney has kept his form and voice over the years. But Dylan was never known for his singing voice, but rather his poetic lyrics and musical influence. They are both le…
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Is Chess a sport?

Chess exercises the most important muscle in the human body, the brain. It's a competitive game with a player ranking system, a code of conduct and of course, rules of the game that are recognized the world over. All this makes chess sound like a sport but many people would disagree. Chess requires no real hand-eye-coordination or movement really. You sit on your butt and make decisions. Computers…
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Will Clinton's speeches to Wall Street hurt her?

Alleged excerpts of Clinton's Wall Street speeches were found in Wikileak's dump of emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. While unconfirmed, the email calls out "flags" from Clinton's paid speeches. Clinton's detractors have long attacked her speeches to Wall Street. Are they as damning as critics made them out to be? Read more below and vote. …
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Should retailers close for Thanksgiving?

Mall of America made a bold move to close for Thanksgiving, and many other retailers are following suit. Whether or not stores should remain open on Thanksgiving has been a hot topic the last few years, with many Americans arguing workers should be at home with their families. Others see nothing wrong with working the holiday and making extra money. There are also shoppers who like starting their…
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Should we give the homeless free permanent housing?

There are more than 565,000 homeless Americans, and the numbers aren't going down. Advocates say the best way to end homelessness is through a housing-first policy. By giving a person the stability of permanent housing, no questions asked, everything else will follow. However critics say a housing-first policy treats the symptom without fixing the underlying problems which cause homelessness. What…
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Is it cruel to keep birds as pets?

Over 3.6 million American households own birds as pets. Many pet owners prefer birds because they are intelligent and inexpensive to care for. Most birds are not considered "pets" by rental properties, which is also a huge plus for renters. But advocates argue that since birds are non-domesticated animals, it's cruel to keep them locked in cages and away from their natural habitats. What do you th…
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