Should retailers close for Thanksgiving?

Mall of America made a bold move to close for Thanksgiving, and many other retailers are following suit. Whether or not stores should remain open on Thanksgiving has been a hot topic the last few years, with many Americans arguing workers should be at home with their families. Others see nothing wrong with working the holiday and making extra money. There are also shoppers who like starting their…
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Should we give the homeless free permanent housing?

There are more than 565,000 homeless Americans, and the numbers aren't going down. Advocates say the best way to end homelessness is through a housing-first policy. By giving a person the stability of permanent housing, no questions asked, everything else will follow. However critics say a housing-first policy treats the symptom without fixing the underlying problems which cause homelessness. What…
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Is it cruel to keep birds as pets?

Over 3.6 million American households own birds as pets. Many pet owners prefer birds because they are intelligent and inexpensive to care for. Most birds are not considered "pets" by rental properties, which is also a huge plus for renters. But advocates argue that since birds are non-domesticated animals, it's cruel to keep them locked in cages and away from their natural habitats. What do you th…
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Can former NFL player Greg Hardy make it in MMA?

Former NFL defensive end and woman beater Greg Hardy is preparing to transition from professional football to mixed martial arts. Hardy plans to debut as a heavyweight in 2017, but he has no formal martial arts instruction. Hardy has always been a gifted athlete—he made the Pro Bowl in 2013—and he's only 28-years-old, so he definitely has a shot at a successful MMA career. But plenty of celebritie…
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Should abortion clinics have buffer zones?

The First Amendment makes it legal for Americans to peacefully protest at almost every abortion clinic. Many argue that "buffer zones" around abortion clinics are needed to ensure woman and staff have safe access to medical care without intimidation or harassment. Pro-life activist argue "buffer zones" are an infringement on the First Amendment. What do you think? Read more and vote below.…
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Do you believe in ghosts?

42 percent of Americans believe in ghosts! Another 18 percent of Americans say they've seen a ghost! Are we delusional, or are these free-floating full torso vaporous apparitions just naturally occurring phenomena science cannot explain? Read and vote below! 👻…
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Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan?

Dwyane Wade said "it's not possible" for LeBron James to surpass Michael Jordan's legacy. And now NBA fans are debating who's actually the greatest of all time (GOAT). While there's no denying MJ's impact and many fans agree with Dwyane, others point out that LeBron has accomplished more in his career at 31 than MJ did at that age. What do you think? Read more and vote below!…
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Are opiate painkillers overprescribed?

America is in the middle of an opiate epidemic, and painkillers are partly to blame. Investigations connect the use of opiates to treat chronic pain, to the opiate epidemic. However, for many patients who suffer from chronic pain, opiate-based painkillers are the only way they can function in life. What do you think? Vote!…
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Should we stop rebuilding coastal areas destroyed by natural disasters?

Hurricane Matthew is currently on pace to be one of the most destructive storms in recent memory. Reconstruction costs for a Category 3 storm following Matthew’s path could be as high as $8.4 billion. Some folks say it's a waste of money to spend billions rebuilding coastal areas routinely hit by natural disasters, and we just can't keep rebuilding. But nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population liv…
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Do we need a sequel to 'Blade Runner?'

Warner Brothers teased the upcoming “Blade Runner” sequel: “Blade Runner 2049” which will arrive in theaters in October 2017. Some fans of the sci-fi classic are ecstatic: the first publicity photo shows old and new cast members, and Ridley Scott's involvement bodes well. Others think you shouldn't mess with perfection: does every film really require a sequel? #NoNewBladeRunner or #YesNewBladeRunn…
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