Should the US really be getting into another war in the Middle East?

The US launched retaliatory strikes against Yemen in response to missiles attacks on the U.S.S. Mason, escalating its involvement in yet another war in the Middle East. American forces are supporting the controversial Saudi-led war against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. The alternative is to sit on the sidelines as Iran deposes an internationally recognized government in order to expan…
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Is it selfish to have children when you're older?

Janet Jackson announced that she'll be having a child—at 50. Many people are happy for her. A child is a good reason to celebrate! But some think Janet is being selfish for having a child so late. By the time the child graduates from high school, Janet will be 68. What do you think? Vote!…
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Who will win the NLCS: Chicago Cubs or Los Angeles Dodgers?

Chicago (103-58) and Los Angeles (91-71) are meeting to battle it out in the 2016 National League Championship Series. The best-of-seven playoff series will determine who will advance to the World Series. Chicago has the best record in all of baseball, a star-studded roster and home-field advantage. But the Dodgers are entering the series on a hot streak and have one of the best pitchers on the pl…
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Most blood-curdling horror icon: Pinhead or Chucky?

Pinhead is a demonic entity with almost unlimited power and a high tolerance (and enthusiasm) for pain. Chucky is a killer doll possessed by a foul-mouthed, charismatic serial killer. Fans voted Pinhead as Clive Barker's scariest creation. But Chucky just scored a huge fandom upset by beating out Freddy Krueger in a battle of funniest horror icons. Who would win in a head-to-head fight? Read more…
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Are allegations of Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct fair game?

Donald Trump and his base are dredging up allegations of former president Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct in order to attack Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. However, many pundits say Bill's actions are irrelevant to Hillary's character—and it's unfair to hold Hillary responsible for her husband's actions. But critics say Bill's actions are relevant because it reveals liberal hypo…
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Most spine-chilling horror icon: Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees?

Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees won round-one debates in our Monster Madness bracket, but that's not all they share in common. They are silent, but deadly iconic horror monsters; they are both forces of evil that never really die; they both kill anyone who crosses their path; and they both have disturbing origin stories. While Michael is a superhuman serial killer, Jason's a nearly unstoppable zo…
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Should the final presidential debate be canceled?

"The Boston Globe" is advocating for the cancellation of the third and final presidential debate—summing up how many people feel about watching yet another showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Do the American people really need to see more ugliness, dishonesty, and threats? But this is our election process, like it or not, and perhaps we shouldn't turn away. What do you think? Vote b…
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Are you feeling the new moody 'Power Rangers' trailer?

The 90's "Power Rangers" television show was self-aware kitsch about teenage ninjas in goofy costumes who often fought in playground settings. But the 2017 movie looks like it's going to be dark and angsty with nods to "The Breakfast Club." The film should grow up with its original audience; they are too old for the corny jokes and over-exaggerated hand gestures. But for some, that's exactly what…
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Can Samsung recover from the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco?

Samsung has scrapped the Galaxy Note 7 after reports that replacement phones are also catching fire. The Korean electronics giant stands to lose $17 billion from the fallout. It's a major disappointment for fans of the Galaxy smartphone line, but could much worse for Samsung as it struggles to repair its brand. Can it make a comeback? Read and vote below! 🔥📱🔥…
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Which filmmaker is the master of horror?

Horror geeks have debated it for years: John Carpenter vs. Wes Craven. Both filmmakers have left their bloody marks on the horror movie genre. While many fans say even Carpenter's worst films are still really good, others champion how Craven reinvented "the horror movie" a few different times. But which is the ultimate master of the horror film genre? Read more and vote below.…
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