Does 'Rocky Horror' reboot offend trans identities?

Some "Rocky Horror Picture Show" fans are shivering in antici.........pation, but others don't think it'll be easy having a good time with the reboot. While many are praising the casting of acclaimed transgender actress Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank N Furter in Fox's live production, skeptics argue that the musical is quite outdated and offensive to trans identities. What do you think? Scroll to read m…
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Should parents make social media accounts for their children?

Social media allows parents to force the world to watch photos and videos of their children. It's never been easier for friends and family to stay in touch and see how a child is growing, no matter the distance. However, we live in a world of personal branding. Do children have the right to control their public online image? Read more below and vote!…
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Who's the best horror writer: Stephen King or Clive Barker?

The dueling imaginations of horror writers Clive Barker and Stephen King have scared people shitless for decades. King is revered by many for his beloved books and film adaptations—including "Carrie," "The Shining" and "Misery." But as a horror writer and director, Barker is no stranger to acclaim for striking fear into others; his novels produced two of the scariest horror movie icons—Candyman an…
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Should airlines be able to kick you off a flight for what you wear?

Black transgender journalist Amanda Stevens was recently removed from a United flight for wearing a Marvel Comics Black Panther baseball cap and an upside-down flag tee. Airlines have a long history of banning passengers for attire they deem inappropriate. But airline companies don't publish dress codes, and policies are completely subjective. Should freedom of speech entitle passengers to wear wh…
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Is it fair to dig into a private citizen's past?

It's common knowledge that if you step into the media spotlight, you'll be torn apart. No one chooses to become a meme, it just happens. Look at Ken Bone. The Internet made him famous overnight. Then we discovered his sordid Reddit past. Because it's the Internet, the whole thing has been completely overanalyzed—and now we know his porn comments. Is it unavoidable to have your privacy ripped to sh…
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Should Corey Feldman give up music?

Famous '80s child actor Corey Feldman gave an interesting performance of his single, "Go 4 It," on the Today Show last month. The performance went viral and critics roasted Feldman's music. In response celebrities gave Feldman an outpouring of support. Since then, he's returned to the Today Show to perform a new song, "Take A Stand." Now the people are split on enjoying Feldman's message—and wanti…
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Do presidents need to be role models?

Michelle Obama says Donald Trump is no role model—but do presidents need to be role models? Trump supporters argue that he's the hero America needs. He's imperfect, but he is a leader who will make the necessary changes to make America great again. Others think that the role of president goes far beyond governance. The oval office is a powerful symbol of what America wants and chooses to be. What…
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Should the state assist in elderly suicide?

The Netherlands has already legalized euthanasia for the terminally ill, but now the state is considering extending that right to the elderly whose "life is complete." The Dutch government says it will be limited to the elderly under "strict and careful criteria" so that people can end their life with "dignity." Suicide is often considered a selfish act and a morally bankrupt decision that the sta…
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Does Bob Dylan deserve the Nobel Prize in Literature?

Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Journalist Bill Wyman describes Dylan's work as "utterly lacking in conventionality, moral sleight of hand, pop pabulum or sops to his audience." However, purists argue that song lyrics are not literature. As one person put it, it's like Usain Bolt getting the gold in swimming. What do you think? Vote! …
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Ronda Rousey vs. Amanda Nunes: Who will win the UFC bantamweight title?

Ronda Rousey, the longest-reigning female champion in UFC history, is making her grand return in a matchup against bantamweight title champion Amanda Nunes. Rousey broke her winning streak and lost the same title last November. While some fans believe that Nunes will keep the title, others argue Rousey can reclaim it. What do you think? Read more and vote below. …
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