Frank Vogel is out as the Indiana Pacers head coach

Larry Bird announced Thursday that Frank Vogel is out as the head coach of the Indiana Pacers after six seasons. He was an assistant coach with the team for four seasons before that. "[I've] decided it's time for a new voice around here," Bird said. As head coach Vogel brought the Pacers to the playoffs five out of six seasons and had a total record of 250-181. He is a loved coach and many fans ar…
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Is Rio ready for the Olympic Games?

The Olympic torch arrived in Brazil two days ago, but is the city of Rio de Janeiro ready for the Olympic Games? With less than a hundred days away — controversies rage about health and safety threats including the Zika virus and seriously polluted water. Also, it's doubted that both public transportation will be ready and structures constructed to support the Games will be safe. Other problems in…
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Cleveland Cavaliers set NBA record with 25 three-pointers

Despite doubts, the Cleveland Cavaliers showed their haters and beat the Atlanta Hawks with a record 25 three-pointers Wednesday night! Now more experts, fans, and critics believe the favorites for the final round of the NBA playoffs are the Golden State Warriors and the Cavs. With the Warriors' media and fan popularity, and the Cavs' winning streak, which team is the better favorite in the NBA pl…
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Sanders supporters push #DropOutHillary

Bernie Sanders' hopes of securing the Democratic nomination are very small, but his win in yesterday's Indiana primary reinvigorated his supporters. Despite Clinton's decisive lead in votes, pledged delegates, and superdelegates — Bernie supporters are demanding that she drop out partially as a response to #DropOutBernie. Also, some argue Clinton should drop out because she's under FBI investigati…
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Alicia Keys drops her first big single in 4 years

Alicia Keys is back and many would say it's by popular demand. The "Songs in A Minor" singer hasn't released a mainstream single in four years. Although, she released an under-performing non-commercial single "28 Thousand Days" in 2015. Her new song "In Common" could very well be her next big commercial success. But Keys experimented with her sound on her last album "Girl on Fire," which was moder…
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Would you eat McDonald's garlic fries?

Here's where most normal human beings agree: Fries are meant to be spiced up. Once you've fried the potato to a crisp you can garnish it with salt, but that's just the beginning. There's all kinds of condiment and topping combinations to try. Chili, mayonnaise or cheese fries. Why not! And of course at the top of the french fries food chain are garlic fries. But what happens when McDonald's tries…
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Are "Gap Years" legit, or just an excuse to not get a job?

Malia Obama recently announced that she will be attending Harvard after a "gap year." Many of us can understand why the daughter of the president of the United States could benefit from a gap year. Her father is still president. But in a year when people ask, Malia can tell people that her father is "retired." Maybe that will make college life a bit more normal for her. But "gap years" aren't just…
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GOP's future looks uncertain with Trump as the presumptive nominee.

Donald Trump's decisive win in Indiana last night drove Ted Cruz (his last significant challenger) from the race, and virtually guaranteed the real estate mogul the Republican presidential nomination. Though many Republican leaders are now urging conservative voters to unify around Trump, the party seems thrown into chaos. Will Trump's victory create a huge crisis? Further empower #NeverTrump? Eve…
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LeBron James to star in 'Space Jam 2’

"Space Jam 2" was put back into action (finally) last summer after Warner Bros. filed for new "Space Jam" trademarks and LeBron James signed a "content creation" deal with the studio. Now Justin Lin, director of four "Fast & Furious" movies and "Star Trek Beyond," is set to direct the intergalactic basketball flick as well as co-write and produce the film. "Space Jam" can be a divisive movie.…
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Fashion ran amok as usual at the 2016 Met Gala

Known unofficially as the Met Gala, the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit is New York's premier fashion event. Attendees' ensembles often lean experimental and outrageous, and even celebs who normally play it safe show up in seriously jaw-dropping getups. But there is bold, challenging, boundary-defying fashion, and then there are just painful eyesores masquerading as clo…
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