Simon Cowell gave the "Golden Buzzer" to dancing Stormtroopers

In the fifth installment of Britain's Got Talent Simon Cowell gave the "Golden Buzzer" to a dance troupe that was dressed up as stormtroopers from Star Wars. Getting the Golden Buzzer means the act gets a free pass to the semi-finals. Many fans of the show were upset with Cowell's decision. Cowell is known for brutal honesty, even to the point of being unkind. But critics say he gave the stormtroo…
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Justin Bieber just got a face tattoo

Pictures began to surface Saturday night with Justin Bieber sporting a new tattoo. This one is on his face. He once said he would consider getting a face tattoo in his 40s or 50s, but it seems he just couldn't wait that long. The tattoo, a small cross, can be seen at the top of his cheekbone. Beliebers are split. Is the new tattoo taking his bad-boy image even further or is he starting to go deep…
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Facebook is a sponsor of Trump's GOP convention

The Republican National Convention will take place this July in Cleveland, where Donald Trump is expected to become the party's official nominee for president. Among all the happenings will be a lounge that is sponsored by Facebook. Only a month ago at F8 Mark Zuckerberg made a veiled criticism of Trump: "I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others,"…
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The Warriors lost game three, should they bring back their injured star player?

Unless you've been in a basketball-less dream for two years, you know Steph Curry is one of the best players on the court right now. But he wasn't on the court for game three of the Warriors against the Blazers. The Warriors are a solid team, but they couldn't pull out a win without their superstar guard. The Warriors now lead the series 2-1. Steph Curry has been out since April 25th after he suff…
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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are expecting their first baby

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's relationship has caused quite a stir. Some see the whole thing as a stunt to get back at the Kardashians. A month ago on Instagram the couple revealed that they got engaged. And now they are expecting their first child. While supporters credit Chyna for helping Rob with his weight, she still has beef with his sisters — including Kylie Jenner. And here's where it get…
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Is Trump doomed without the support of the GOP establishment?

The endorsements just aren't coming in fast & furious for Donald Trump! Does he need the GOP establishment, or can he compete without their support? Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said today he "cannot in good conscience support Donald Trump" for president. Also, House Speaker Paul Ryan told CNN he could not endorse Trump's candidacy "at this point." MSNBC host and former GOP lawmaker J…
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WWE releases many wrestlers including favorite Damien Sandow

On Friday, May 6, the WWE released several wrestlers from their contracts, and fans are upset about one in particular. Damien Sandow (formerly known as Mizdow and Macho Mizdow) is a wrestler fans don't want to let go of. Did the WWE make a mistake that needs to be reversed? The WWE also released seven other wrestlers, including King Barrett, Cameron, Zeb Colter, Hornswoggle, Santino Marella, Alex…
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Justin Timberlake's new song, a sign of his pop glory, or his slow demise

Justin Timberlake's fans will probably say he just handed us 2016's ultimate summer jam. "Can't Stop The Feeling" is JT's first single in three years, and the video features a celebrity-studded listening-party with Gwen Stefani, Anna Kendrick, and James Corden dancing and singing their hearts out. This song is so upbeat and positive we daresay it could make an Olsen twin smile. MTV called it "a fu…
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Would you eat synthetic meat?

It's a strange idea at first, but it has more implications than we immediately think. It's reasonable to assume that in the near future synthetic meat will be a reality. Once it is affordable, you'll be posed with a question. Will you buy and eat synthetic meat, or stick to the natural stuff? Synthetic meat has the chemical composition of meat from animals. However, it was never alive — at least,…
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Is Paul Ryan running for president?

Speaker Paul Ryan says he has no interest in running for president – but some question if that's true. Recently, Ryan made a trip to Israel, and also apologized for once referring to welfare-recipients as 'takers.' Observers say these are the sort of steps that someone who is considering running for president might take. So is he going to run? The fact that he recently passed up on an opportunity…
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