Is Airbnb making housing shortages worse?

Airbnb has been accused of distorting the housing market in cities like San Francisco and New York by allowing commercial operators to rent out multiple properties for short-term stays. Airbnb isn't responsible for the housing crisis, but it is making a bad situation worse. And vacancy rates are at record lows. But Airbnb supporters say it is helping out the middle class by giving them a way to ma…
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Is refusing to accept election results an attack on democracy?

At the final presidential debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump if he would accept the election results—even if he lost. Trump replied he would "keep you in suspense.”  Hillary Clinton called the response "horrifying." Peaceful transitions of power are the foundation of our democracy. Perhaps Trump was just making a flippant joke—but he's been insisting the election is rigged for week…
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Who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more: Journey or Pearl Jam?

Two of the greatest rock bands ever are nominees to be inducted in the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Journey and Pearl Jam. While alternative rock band Pearl Jam was key in the grunge movement of the early '90s, Journey has been making some of the most inspirational rock songs ever since 1973. Both bands are among the best-selling in rock, and there's no denying they both deserve a shot at the…
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Would you stop eating meat to stop climate change?

If cows were their own nation, they would be the third largest producers of greenhouse gases—following China and the United States. Numerous studies have found reducing how much meat we consumed would have a significant impact on slowing or stopping climate change. But people, especially Americans, are really attached to meat. Would you give up meat? Vote below! 🍖…
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Should government be run like a business?

The main theme of Donald Trump's presidential campaign is that our government should be run like a business, with the president as chief executive. It's an idea championed by many looking for fiscal responsibility at the federal level. But President Obama pushed back strongly against this concept last week, and he's not alone. Is modeling government after for-profit business a great idea—or the wo…
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Who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more: Janet Jackson or Tupac?

Janet Jackson is one of pop's greatest queens; Tupac is one of rap's dopest gods! Both are 2017 nominees to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The artists have more in common then you might think—they starred in "Poetic Justice" in 1993, and both were huge cross-genre artists of the '90s. Janet and Tupac are each among the best-selling artists of all time; so both deserve to be induc…
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Can you still support Hillary Clinton after all the leaked emails?

Wikileaks' endless drip of Hillary Clinton emails continues to drag down the frontrunner. Critics say the latest batch of emails from campaign chair John Podesta depict cozy relationships with members of the press, inappropriate communications between governmental agencies, and Clinton's duplicitous relationship with Wall Street. Supporters say this is just the typical behavior of your average pol…
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Is CrossFit just an unhealthy cult?

CrossFit workouts are both wildly popular and super controversial. Created in 1996, adherents swear the high-intensity regimen is the greatest exercise routine ever developed, while critics deride it as an OCD fitness cult that's not even good for your body. What do you think? Read more and vote!…
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Is Twitter doomed?

A growing list of companies like Disney and Salesforce have said they won't be buying Twitter. That puts the social network in a tight spot. Twitter almost has 350 million active users, but user growth has stalled (and in tech, if you aren't growing, you're dying). Twitter's stock has definitely felt the plunge. But Twitter remains heavily used by celebrities and the media—the kind of influencers…
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Should there be term limits for Congress?

Donald Trump is proposing term limits for members of Congress. It's an idea that pops up every now and then in American politics, but never made into law. On paper, it sounds like a good idea. Politicians get voted in, they serve, then they leave. There are fewer opportunities for corruption. Realistically, it wouldn't work, because by the time a politician figures out how Congress works, they wou…
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