Are we headed toward a 'Black Mirror' future?

Season three of "Black Mirror" is out on Netflix, and it's got people freaked out about the not-so-distant future. Fans think "Black Mirror" is terrifying—not because of the usual horror gimmicks, but because it shows how fucked up our future can be. Others aren't so scared because, to be honest, could the future be any worse than 2016? Vote below!…
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Best '90s Halloween movie: 'Hocus Pocus' or 'Nightmare Before Christmas'?

We're talking vintage '90s Disney goodness here. "Hocus Pocus" resurrects a trio of witch sisters in modern day Salem to terrorize two teens, a talking cat and a young Thora Birch. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is a classic Tim Burton/Henry Selick stop-motion movie about the pumpkin king of Halloweentown and his desire to change careers. Both films came out in 1993 and have been immortalized on…
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Should schools celebrate Halloween?

Halloween's become so ubiquitous that we forget it's actually a pagan holiday—one that some Christians strongly object to celebrating. Religious objections, promoting unhealthy food, inappropriate costumes, and taking away from academic time are all reasons why some American schools have stopped observing the holiday. But Halloween fans argue this just a war on fun—must everything be censored and…
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Scariest Universal movie monster: Wolf Man or Dracula?

One sucks your blood, the other rips you apart. Dracula is the grandfather of vampires, and Bela Lugosi's performance in the 1931 Universal classic set the standard for bloodsuckers. The Wolf Man is the grandfather of werewolves, and Universal stunned audiences in 1941 with groundbreaking special effects. Since then, we have seen vampires and werewolves battle it out—but which Universal classic mo…
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Do we really need a Willy Wonka prequel?

Hollywood is at it again! Warner Bros. is making a prequel to "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (1971). Should we be surprised that another reboot/sequel/prequel is being produced? No. While some fans are open to exploring Willy Wonka's origins, others are worried that Hollywood makes it so that no classic film is sacred. Are you open to a prequel of Willy Wonka? Vote below!…
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Is Wonder Woman an appropriate role model for girls?

Wonder Woman turns 75 on October 21, and the United Nations is making her an honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls and for gender equality. But there is “the outfit issue," as a UN spokesperson termed it. Do we send girls (and boys) mixed messages about empowerment and equality when we offer them a scantily dressed female superhero? Think #WonderWomanRules just as she is? Or i…
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Is the NFL holding domestic abusers accountable?

New York Giants kicker Josh Brown was suspended for just a single game after admitting to abusing his wife, with criminal charges for domestic violence still pending. The NFL is being skewered for not holding abusers accountable, despite its promises stemming from the Ray Rice debacle. But the NFL is saying that Josh Brown is an outlier because it was unable to obtain evidence from the authorities…
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Is Wolverine overrated?

Fans truly love them some Wolverine—and may even be more in love with Hugh Jackman's portrayal—who has played the popular X-Men character in nine films! Geeks are excited and heartbroken to see Jackman play Wolverine one last time next year's James Mangold-directed "Logan." But thanks to the movies, comics and animated series—many think Wolverine unfortunately overshadows the X-Men. What do you th…
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Are you digging Nintendo's new video game system?

After all the rumors, Nintendo finally announced its brand-new video game system: the Nintendo Switch. The new hybrid console replaces the Wii U and potentially the Nintendo 3DS by allowing players to 'switch' between a home console and portable gaming experience. Fans are saying the Switch is exactly what Nintendo needs to revive flagging sales. Skeptics fear the underpowered system might become…
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Should your city tax soda?

Several cities, including San Francisco and Boulder, have upcoming ballot propositions to create a tax on sugary drinks like soda. People who support the tax say it could reduce consumption and raise money to combat obesity. Opponents say the tax will hurt small businesses, limits personal freedom, and worry the tax money won't be used appropriately to combat health issues. Should you city tax sod…
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