Madonna will perform a Prince tribute at the Billboard Music Awards—but is she the right choice?

The Billboard Music Awards announced that Madonna will pay tribute to the late Prince at the event on May 22. Is Madonna the right person to offer Prince tribute? Or was she a bad choice? Some people were thrilled by the news. Madonna is perhaps the only music star who could match Prince in terms of longevity, controversy, singularity and worldwide fame. The two did collaborate on a song in the '9…
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'Assassin's Creed' movie trailer released. Did Kanye West's music ruin it?

The first trailer to the popular video game Assassin's Creed is out, and some fans think it looks awesome. However, many more hate the Kanye West music in the trailer. Did you love the AC trailer (regardless of the music) or did Kanye’s music ruin the experience? Kanye West's "I Am God" plays midway through the trailer -- ruining the experience for some fans of the video game series. Many have sta…
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Will Trump's refusal to release his tax returns harm him with voters?

Donald Trump is on the hot seat right now regarding his tax returns. Though presidential candidates have shared their tax returns publicly for more than 40 years, Trump just told CNN he'll release his taxes after an IRS audit is completed (even though releasing the returns would not interfere with an audit in any way). The day before, he informed the Associated Press he had no plans to release his…
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Is Gwyneth Paltrow seriously recommending GOOP fans purchase a $15,000 sex toy?

Gwyneth Paltrow's luxury lifestyle website GOOP just put out its first sex issue, and it really must be seen to be believed. GOOP is ridiculed on the regular for recommending outlandishly expensive purchases ( $15,000 headphones, anyone?) but this issue took insane, inane spending to a whole new level. In a section entitled "Not-So-Basic Sex Toys," the editors encourage readers to check out "a few…
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Donald Trump gives Bernie Sanders a nickname. But can Trump win over Sanders' supporters?

Donald Trump blasted Bernie Sanders in a tweet — giving him a new nickname: "Crazy Bernie." Trump says he's happy "Crazy Bernie" is battling "Corrupt Hillary," but he's coming for Sanders next! Not only that, but as "crazy" as it sounds, a new survey suggests that more than half of Sanders' supporters in West Virginia would vote for Trump in the presidential election if Sanders isn't nominated. Ca…
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New Instagram Icon: Do you like the design or is it ugly?

Instagram has revealed its new icon look and design. And of course, IG users are split on the "New Instagram." Some are calling it ugly and others are really feeling the new design. "Today we’re introducing a new look," the platform stated in a blog post. "You’ll see an updated icon and app design for Instagram. Inspired by the previous app icon, the new one represents a simpler camera and the rai…
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Ronan Farrow blasts A-list celebrities for continuing to work with his father, Woody Allen

The latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter contains a scathing editorial by Ronan Farrow condemning the Hollywood establishment's treatment of his sister, Dylan Farrow, around her sexual assault accusations against their father, Woody Allen. The current issue of "THR" is a special Cannes Film Festival issue that features Woody Allen on the cover. The director's new film, Cafe Society, premieres th…
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Justin Bieber won't take anymore photos with fans. Should Beliebers give him space?

Justin Bieber's fans make him "feel like a zoo animal." Beliebers (his fans) — who ride or die for him — are upset that he stated on Instagram he won't be taking anymore photos with fans. The statement reads that "it has gotten to the point that people won't even say hi or recognize me as a human." Recently, Bieber was bombarded by fans while in Boston. Should Beliebers give him space? Or should B…
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Meghan Trainor took down her own music video. Did her team screw up or was it a publicity stunt?

Meghan Trainor was "sick of it" when she saw the music video for her latest single Me Too, which had collected almost half a million views before it was taken down. Trainor was upset that her body had been digitally altered to give her a smaller waist. She later re-uploaded an un-altered version of the video and in a Snapchat story explained that she was upset and embarrassed by the earlier versio…
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Budweiser is calling itself "America" this summer

Budweiser, which is owned by Belgian/Brazilian Inbev, is renaming its beer America for the summer. That's right. For the next three months, you can get drunk on America. From SBNation's Roget Sherman: "I will drink several hundred of these cans. I will go to the grocery store, I will look at the cheaper beers, look at the better tasting beers, and look at the beers that say AMERICA. And I will buy…
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