Is Chris Christie's political career finished?

Two top aides to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie were just found guilty on all charges surrounding Bridgegate, the infamous 2013 lane closures on Fort Lee's George Washington Bridge. The lane closures were allegedly political retribution against the mayor of Fort Lee for his refusal to endorse Christie. Does the verdict mean Chris Christie's political career is finished or can he weather this s…
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Should London have an NFL team?

The NFL just played its third regular season game in London, the league's seventeenth contest at Wembley Stadium since 2007. The league has made no secret of its ambitions to place a permanent team in the U.K., but still faces significant obstacles. International fans say London is ready for a NFL team and team owner interest is very real. But critics and players say the travel logistics and cultu…
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Is it wrong to describe your pets as children?

A recent story from New York magazine strongly criticized pet owners who refer to themselves as "parents" and their pets as "children." People who do so consider the labels harmless, and say that pet owners and their pets share a special bond. But the writer argues when pet owners use those terms, they further a delusion owning a pet is analogous to being a parent. What do you think? Read more and…
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Greatest late '90s pop princess: Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?

1999 was a great year for pop music. Two pop divas burst onto the scene—Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Although constantly compared early in their careers, the two have distinct differences. Christina's powerhouse voice garnered her three #1 pop hits from her debut album. Britney's bubblegum pop debut quickly became the best-selling album by teenage solo artist. Both were huge, but which s…
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Did FBI Director James Comey abuse his power?

The letter FBI Director James Comey wrote to Congress, reporting that agents had discovered new material related to Hillary Clinton’s private email server, was yet another October surprise. The letter cast suspicion on Clinton without providing specifics, leading some to accuse the FBI of politicizing the investigation—and even breaking the law. Others say Comey was acting with transparency. What…
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Should children be allowed to trick-or-treat unsupervised?

Everyone speaks glowingly of their childhood memories trick-or-treating without adult supervision—then in the same breath they'll say it's too dangerous for children today. After all, it only takes a few seconds for the unimaginable to happen. The United States is safer now than ever, though, and some parents are pushing against the fearful mindset parenting has recently taken on. Would you let yo…
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Is the Oregon militia verdict another example of white privilege?

Charged with numerous felonies after their armed takeover of a federally owned wildlife sanctuary in Oregon last winter, anti-government crusaders Ammon and Ryan Bundy were found innocent of all charges. Is their acquittal the latest and most glaring example of white male privilege in our legal system? Or was justice served? Scroll down to read more perspectives and vote!…
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Are you more excited for 'Titanfall 2' or 'Call of Duty'?

"Call of Duty" has dominated sales charts for almost a decade and "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" looks to do the same. "Titanfall 2" is the much anticipated sequel from Respawn Entertainment, which is comprised of the group who originally created "Call of Duty." Both promise fast-paced, advanced online multiplayer at a blistering frame rate. One franchise has tickled gamers for years, the other…
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Can you still support Hillary Clinton after the FBI's renewed investigation?

The FBI just reopened its investigation into Clinton's private email surface after it surfaced some new emails in an unrelated case. Critics say the reopening shows the extent of Hillary's corruption. Clinton surrogates say this is just more GOP hype over nothing and worry that the investigation has become politicized. What do you think? Vote below! 📧…
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Should women be required to register for the draft?

A legislative amendment that would for the first time require American women to register for the draft passed the Senate. Hillary Clinton said she supports that legislation, as did the vast majority of the Senate (it passed with an 85-13 vote). A few Republicans opposed the measure: "The idea that we should forcibly conscript young girls into combat, to my mind, makes little or no sense," Ted Cruz…
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