Fox teases made-for-TV 'Rocky Horror.' Do we need a reboot of the cult classic?

Fox is finally teasing this fall's upcoming The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a made-for-TV reboot of the cult classic musical. And although some fans are shivering in anticipation, others are pretty still on a reboot. With the original film's acclaim, do we need a new Rocky Horror Picture Show? Laverne Cox leads the new cast as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a role made legendary by Tim Curry onstage in London…
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OKC Thunder take game 1, are the warriors ready?

The Golden State Warriors are the favorite to win the NBA Western Conference. But they got upset by the Oklahoma Thunder on Monday 108- 102. Despite having league MVP Steph Curry, the Thunder, lead by Kevin Durant, managed to grab a win after a strong fourth quarter. It's the first postseason loss for the Warriors on their home turf. It's also reminiscent of the upset the Thunder pulled against th…
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Which iconic investor is right about Apple - Buffett or Icahn?

Apple is the most cash rich company in the world. But they've also faced serious setbacks as of late. The company's profits fell, and sales in the first quarter are down 18% at 50.4 million compared to 61.2 million in the first quarter of 2015. The Apple Watch is more or less a flop and the company has a mixed record with software. It's arguable that without strong iPhone and laptop sales, Tim Coo…
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Should religious groups' health insurance plans cover contraception?

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to issue a ruling on a legal challenge made by Christian nonprofit employers to an Obamacare birth control mandate. Thirteen separate cases will now return to lower federal appeals courts, which will have to issue new rulings on the questions left undecided by the justices. Religious organizations and private employers alike have objected to the Affordable Care…
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Sixers and StubHub pair for sponsorship: Do logos belong on a jersey?

The Philadelphia 76ers and StubHub are making history. The sports team and the online marketplace are teaming up for the first-ever sponsorship deal to show up on any mainstream American professional sports team jersey. Although historic (in America), not everyone is feeling the new look or the deal. NASCAR does it. So do European soccer clubs. A business has to make money, right. So why can't NBA…
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Blue Jays and Rangers brawl: Who was to blame, Jose Bautista or Rougned Odor?

The Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers have had bad blood since Jose Bautista's bat-flipping incident from last season. It all came to a violent head last night. Tensions ran high after pitcher Matt Bush hit Bautista in the lower back with a 97-mph fastball in the seventh inning. In the midst of a double play at the top of the eighth inning, Bautista then knocked down Rangers second baseman Rougn…
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Cavs and Raptors: A face-off in Eastern NBA Conference Finals

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors will go head-to-head starting Tuesday, May 17 in the Eastern NBA Conference Finals. While many predict the Cavs will be the winners of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Raptors are having a historic season. The Eastern Finals are a series of at least four scheduled games and an additional three, if needed, before the FINAL NBA finals where a team from t…
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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have split, can they still make the biz of Ozzfest work?

The infamous couple have split after 30+ years of marriage. But Sharon and Ozzy haven't started a custody battle over Ozzfest, the very lucrative music festival Sharon manages and Ozzy stars in. On Thursday they both came on stage at the Hollywood Palladium to hype the upcoming performance of Black Sabbath for the 20th anniversary of Ozzfest which will partner with Knotfest this September. Since S…
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Scientists at Harvard talk privately about creating a synthetic human genome

Earlier in the week around 150 scientists, lawyers and entrepreneurs from around the world met at Harvard University Medical School to talk about the possibility of creating a synthetic human genome using chemicals to manufacture DNA. In layman's terms, they were talking about the possibility of "creating" human cells that had no biological origins. That's one step away from creating a human with…
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Would Joe Biden make a good president?

We know, "crazy uncle Joe" is not even running, but in a recent interview he said he would make "the best president." Joe Biden was VP for 8 years and didn't shoot anybody in the face. That actually beats the performance of some past VPs. It's safe to assume that if he had run, he would have been a serious contender for the Democratic nomination. Joe Biden said on Good Morning America that he was…
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