Which chef won this 'Epic Rap Battle' — Gordon Ramsay or Julia Child?

This isn't any rap battle. This is an Epic Rap Battle of History that pits two iconic chefs head to head - Julia Child and Gordon Ramsay. Scroll down to watch the battle and then vote or share the hashtags (which also counts as a vote) of who you thought won. Some things to consider before you vote. She may look demure, but Julia Child was a known spy for the U.S. government. James Bond ain't got…
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Blake Lively blasted for Instagram 'Baby Got Back' comment

Blake Lively is under fire after posting an Instagram photo of herself at the Cannes Film Festival with a Sir Mix-A-lot quotable. She wrote, "L.A. face with an Oakland booty" from the '90s rap classic Baby Got Back. Some have accused her of cultural appropriation and racial insensitivity while others says she is just having fun and quoting a pop song. Was her comment offensive or are people stretc…
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Sanders aide Jeff Weaver says "no one had a right to feel threatened" at NV convention

In a discussion about the chaos at last weekend's Nevada state Democratic convention, Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver told CNN that "no one had a right to feel threatened" at the event. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) was booed offstage during her keynote speech at the convention, and told CNN that she had feared for her safety. Weaver claimed the reports of a violent atmosphere had been…
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Michael Bisping will fight Luke Rockhold for UFC 199 title on June 4. Who will win?

Michael Bisping will replace an injured Chris Weidman in the main UFC 199 event on June 4. He will fight middleweight Luke Rockhold for the title. Some UFC fans are glad Bisping finally has his shot at the title after a decade of fighting. Some are even rooting for him despite the fact that current champion, Luke Rockhold, is favored to win. Can Bisping pull off a victory against Rockhold? Rockhol…
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Riot Fest just released their 2016 lineup. Is it thrilling or disappointing?

Beloved punk/alt rock/hip-hop music festival Riot Fest just announced its lineup for September 2016, and it includes top-notch acts like Nas, Morrissey, Ween, Social Distortion, Jane's Addiction, and Sleater-Kinney. Perhaps the biggest news is that horror punk gods the Misfits will reunite for the first time in 30 years. Does the 2016 Riot Fest lineup leave you delighted or displeased? The enormou…
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Does the second trailer make 'Ghostbusters' look like a better film?

Ghostbusters was the most disliked trailer on YouTube a month ago, but the makers of the all-female comedy-action-fantasy blockbuster just released a second trailer that makes the movie look far more promising. After so much criticism, does the second trailer make the movie look like a better film? Some people have defended the film against misogyny. They say critics don't want the film rebooted b…
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After chaos in Nevada, is the Democratic Party headed toward a violent division?

It's official! This is one of the ugliest primaries in Democratic Party history. Chaos broke out at the Nevada Democratic Convention last weekend: Sanders supporters threw chairs, screamed obscenities at Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), and vandalized the party’s headquarters with pro-Sanders graffiti. The party chairwoman and her family were bombarded with hundreds of death threats after Sanders su…
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Ciara loses court battle for sole custody of her son. Is the ruling fair?

Ciara lost big on Monday. She now has to share custody of her one-year-old son with her ex-boyfriend, the rapper Future. The Goodies singer fought for custody of Baby Future and allegedly bashed her ex in court. Reportedly, she told the judge that Future was a bad parent and not present in their son's life. Clearly, the bashing didn't work because now she has to share custody! Many Ciara fans have…
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The Atlanta Braves fired Fredi González. Did he deserve it?

After one of the worst half-seasons in the Atlanta Braves' 140-year history, plus a worst-ever start to a season, the Braves axed manager Fredi Gonzalez, who was in his sixth season with the Braves. Atlanta currently holds a 9-28 record, the worst in the league. Should Braves fans rejoice and say #ByeFredi with glee? Or #SorryFredi, you were the fall guy for a crappy roster? Deadspin argues Gonzál…
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If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, should she choose Elizabeth Warren as her running mate?

The Democratic primary isn't over yet, but Hillary Clinton's delegate lead is secure enough that many consider her the presumptive nominee. After a bruising primary in which she's faced serious challenges from Bernie Sanders and her party's left wing, Clinton's choice of running mate could help win back disaffected Democrats who think of her as a play-it-safe establishment shill. A headline from U…
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