Have the Warriors lost their magic?

The Warriors lost the first game of the regular season against the San Antonio Spurs. In fact, the Warriors are on a four-game losing streak. Pretty much everyone who isn't a Warriors fan is taking a lot of pleasure in seeing the team choke. Warriors fans are still keeping the faith though. Has the team lost its winning ways? Vote below! 🏀…
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Who will win Game 7 of the World Series: Cubs or Indians?

Chicago (103-58) and Cleveland (94-67) have been duking it out on the pitch for the 2016 World Series and today is Game 7! Which team will win and be crowned the best team in all of professional baseball? The Cubs have a curse to shrug off, but that could be the extra motivation they need to pull off their first championship in 108 years. Cleveland started as an underdog, but has been dominant in…
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Which aging white actor is this: Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?

In this photo we know there is a legendary actor posing with a child who then cries. We also know this actor starred in the mockumentary "The Rutles 2: Can't Buy Me Lunch." That still leaves two possibilities. This is either Bill Murray or Tom Hanks. But the internet can't decide. Read more and vote below.…
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Do professional athletes make too much money?

Your average professional player earns between $1.54 and $5.3 million per year across all four major U.S. sports. Since professional sports leagues generate billions of dollars in revenue, players say they're just getting their fair share. But is it fair to pay people to play a game when your average teacher only makes $45,335 per year and your average physician makes just over $165,000? Vote belo…
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Greatest '80s sax solo: 'Careless Whisper' or 'Smooth Operator'?

The 80s were a magical time when no great pop song was complete without a super wanky, over-the-top sax solo. We've selected two of the decades' greatest moments of saxual healing: George Michael's unforgettably tragic "Careless Whisper" and Sade's signature sultry hit "Smooth Operator." Both are undeniably great—but which one is the greatest? Read more and vote!  🎷 🎷 🎷…
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Who's the greatest horror hero: Ripley or Ash?

Every good horror franchise needs a hero to fight evil forces. There are two horror icons that have kicked evil ass like no other: Ripley from the "Alien" series and Ash from the "Evil Dead" series. Ellen Ripley is a feminist icon who has led a war against the aliens. Ash Williams and his chainsaw hand fought the evil souls of the dead. But which hero is more iconic? Read more and vote below!…
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Are PCs better than Macs?

It's the age old question—PC or Mac? Macs and their operating systems are some of Apple's strongest selling points. They just work. Microsoft is trying to catch up with the Surface and Windows 10, but it's plagued by Windows' messy history. Despite this, fans swear by Microsoft's hardware. But which is better? Vote now! 💻…
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Are these legs shiny or painted?

There are two theories on this photo currently circulating the web: this woman has incredibly shiny legs—or she has strategically placed streaks of white paint along her body. What do you see? Vote below or share a hashtag to vote! 👀…
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Is the media too fascinated with Donald Trump's alleged sexual misconduct?

Donald Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich clashed with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly on live television, accusing the media of focusing too much on the sexual assault allegations made against the GOP nominee. Trump supporters view the allegations as just another example of media bias, and say not enough attention is being paid to the issues voters really care about. Pundits say voters deserve to know if…
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Which '90s fav has the best theme song: 'Captain Planet' or 'Power Rangers'?

Do you sing on the top of your lungs "Captain Planet, he's our hero"—or "Go, go Power Rangers"? If you grew up in the '90s then you remember these catchy themes from the decade's best children's programming. While the "Captain Planet" theme raised awareness about polluting the earth, the "Power Rangers" theme proved that they were in fact "teenagers with attitude" trying to save Angel Grove—and th…
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