Did Draymond Green intentionally kick Steven Adams in his groin?

Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green power kicked Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams ... in the groin during Sunday's Game 3 of the Western Finals. Since the incident, Green has maintained that the kick to the groin was only an accident and that he didn't even see himself kick Adams. Did Green intentionally kick Steven Adams in his groin? It looks that way to many fans and cri…
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Madonna performed a tribute to Prince at the BBMAs—how'd she do?

Many fans were thrilled when Madonna agreed to do a tribute to the late Prince at the Billboard Music Awards. Others scoffed, saying Prince's protégés (like Janelle Monae or 3RDEYEGIRL) or former bandmates and collaborators (like Wendy & Lisa, Sheila E, or Morris Day) should have been asked. Critics also argued a black artist like D'Angelo or Erykah Badu would have been a more fitting choice.…
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The 80s TV show MacGyver is getting a reboot

There are lots of things in the 80s that should be left to rot. This list includes Walkman headphones, hypercolor T-shirts, Bon Jovi and a myriad of TV shows. The 1985-92 TV show MacGyver has remained a pop-culture reference for the last 20 years. To "MacGyver" something is to hack up a fix without using the proper tools. And of course there is the SNL spoof MAcGruber. Now MacGyver is getting a re…
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Leonardo DiCaprio took a private jet to accept environmental award

It's not easy being one of the greatest actors of a generation. It's also not easy being an environmental justice warrior. It's incredibly tough being both. Last week he was asked to speak at both the Riverkeeper Fishermen’s Ball in NY and the 2016 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala in France. In order to attend both events, he had to take a private jet. In his defense the actor's representatives say…
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Battle of the Burritos - Los Angeles or San Diego

To the Californian a burrito is not just an assortment of fillings inside of a tortilla, it is a way of life. But, there are several ways to live in California. In this battle, we want to look at two of the more prominent types of recognized burrito styles. They hail from San Diego and Los Angeles respectively. Any self-respecting Californian knows the San Diego burrito. It is a "no frills" burrit…
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Did blogger Matt Bruenig deserve to get fired for tweets he sent to female journalists?

Left-wing Twitter went berserk yesterday when progressive think tank Demos announced it would no longer employ blogger Matt Bruenig. It looked as though Bruenig, who is a Sanders supporter, was fired as a result of an exchange with pro-Clinton journalist Joan Walsh, an exchange that Bruenig's defenders described as rude, but others called harassment. In their statement about the firing, Demos decr…
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Maroon 5 cancels North Carolina shows, due to anti-gay laws

Pop superstars Maroon 5 just joined the list of performers who've canceled appearances in North Carolina because of HB2, the state's recently passed anti-LGBT law. "We don't want to penalize our fans in North Carolina," the group wrote on their website, but they said the decision came down to "what we feel is morally right." Is Maroon 5 canceling their North Carolina shows principled or pandering?…
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Will the Cleveland Cavaliers actually go 16-0?

It wasn't too long ago that LeBron James (two-time NBA Champion, two-time NBA Finals MVP and four-time NBA MVP) "predicted" that his team could go 16-0 in the NBA playoffs and take home the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. That's quite a bold (and confident) prediction, considering that going 16-0 in NBA playoffs has never been accomplished. In fact, the furthest any team has gotten while remain…
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Should the DNC offer Bernie Sanders concessions at the July convention?

As the Democratic primary race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders grows uglier, Democratic National Committee officials have reached out to Sanders to offer concessions in hopes of heading off strife and even violence at the convention in July. Should the DNC give Sanders what he wants at the convention? Or would they be appeasing what many consider threatening demands? Sanders plans to de…
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Another Jaguars top pick, Jalen Ramsey, has a serious injury. Is the team doomed?

The Jaguars just can't catch a break! Another one of the team's top picks, Jalen Ramsey, may not be able to play for part of the upcoming season due to an injury. Ramsey has a meniscus tear in his right knee. He underwent microfracture surgery on the same knee in high school. Partially with or maybe even without Ramsey, can the Jaguars recover for this upcoming season or are they doomed? Although…
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