Is Ivanka Trump's brand ruined?

Ivanka is arguably the most popular Trump, but her $100 million apparel and lifestyle brand may be in trouble. She did not denounce her father's infamous "Access Hollywood" tape. Hence, angry former customers started #GrabYourWallet in protest to discourage consumers from buying her products. Still, her supporters say she'll be fine. But how will her brand fare after November 8? Read more below an…
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Who should be the NFL's MVP: Matt Ryan or Tom Brady?

We are now in the NFL's midseason, and fans are already placing bets on who will be this year's most valuable player. Many experts have ranked New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan as stiff competition with a few other players close behind them. Who do you predict will be NFL's 2016 MVP? Read more below and vote now!…
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Should we genetically modify humans?

Scientists will theoretically be able to enhance humans in the near future using techniques like CRISPR. But should they? Most people already engage in some sort of performance enhancement—like coffee. Proponents of human enhancement argue that this is the natural progression and will radically improve human life. Skeptics worry that gene editing could lead to a dystopian future. Where do you stan…
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Stuffing or dressing: What should we call the Thanksgiving dish?

It's debated every year around the holidays—is it called stuffing or dressing? The popular Thanksgiving dish traditionally has been stuffed into the turkey; hence, it's called stuffing. But others largely argue dressing is a much more appealing name to our appetites. What do you think? Read more and vote below!…
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Should the workday be shortened?

Some studies show that a six-hour workday would actually increase workers' productivity. Proponents of the six-hour workday argue that workers rarely spend the full eight hours working. Hence, if we gave those two hours to the worker, it would reduce stress levels and help in the long-term. Critics think that it would be extremely difficult to implement a six-hour workday and would be prohibitivel…
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Are 'Preppers' crazy or ready?

Preppers are people who are ready for major natural disasters. Not just your average quake or flood, we're talking apocalyptic level events. Right now, as they stockpile cans of Spam, weapons and other survival items—"preppers" come off a bit unhinged. But if something ever were to go down, they'd be the ones more likely to survive the first three months when stuff gets crazy. What do you think? R…
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Is 'Here' Alicia Keys' best album?

Alicia Keys is back with a soulful album that hit #1 on iTunes, "Here." While Keys and her core fanbase are calling the album her best to date, critics still argue that she hasn't been as great since her debut album "Songs in A Minor" and its followup "The Diary of Alicia Keys." What do you think? Read more below and vote now!…
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Who's the best team in the NFL at the midseason?

After eight weeks of play, the NFL is at its halfway point—giving fans plenty of time to ponder the highs and lows of a tumultuous season. Two particular teams have risen to the top, propelled by great quarterback play: the Dallas Cowboys (7-1) and the New England Patriots (7-1). Rookie Dak Prescott is leading the Cowboys into a new era and New England has squeezed another MVP-like season out of t…
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Do long lines at the polls equal voter suppression?

Thousands of people in states like North Carolina, Ohio, Arizona, and Florida are waiting in three-hour-long lines to cast a vote. Many believe that forcing citizens to stand in line for hours is back-door voter suppression. Critics also argue long lines discriminate against the elderly, the disabled, and people who can't take out too much time to vote. Others say it's a small price to pay for par…
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Is social media ruining democracy?

Social media is either destroying democracy, or it's freeing us from the tyranny of corporate media. It depends on how you look at it. Social media has empowered revolutions, toppled dictators, and allows ideas to take front and center no matter who you are. Critics say a lot of people are gaming the system to spread fake and misleading ideas, and in fact, the algorithms incentivize the bullshit. …
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