Is the American dream dead?

The 2016 election has revealed major rifts in American society. The economic recovery left some Americans worse off than they were before the Great Recession. 1-in-6 white males have given up on the job market. Despite this, some economists argue the number that really matters is growth—if the economy is growing, all people will see benefit, even if the distribution of the growth is uneven. But do…
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Will the Chicago Cubs break 'The Curse' and win it all this year?

The Chicago Cubs are heavily favored to win the 2016 World Series and fans are anxious for their first championship in 108 years. The Cubs won 103 games in the regular season and ended with the best record in all of baseball. But since 1969, only 11 teams with the best regular season record have won the World Series. And more importantly, the entire team is supposedly cursed. Do you think the Curs…
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Does anyone care about LeBron James endorsing Hillary Clinton?

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James just penned an editorial at Business Insider endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. Some observers thought the Akron native's endorsement could give Clinton an edge in the all-important state of Ohio, but others said it would make no difference. No one really cares about political endorsements by sports heroes... or do they? Read below and vote.…
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Scariest slasher horror icon: Michael Myers or Ghostface?

Our favorite horror icons have used many weapons and creative "techniques" to murder their victims. But there are two horror icons who have creeped fear into our hearts with a sharp, pointy knife as their weapon choice—that's Michael Myers and Ghostface. Both movie monsters have gutted, slit, sliced, diced and most gruesomely... stabbed their way into icon status, but which knife-wielding horror m…
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Should pit bulls be banned?

After a local woman was killed by a neighbor's dog, Montréal passed a law prohibiting residents from adopting or buying pit bulls. Current pit bull owners must undergo a criminal background check, keep their dogs muzzled, keep them on a leash less than four-feet long, and pay a $150 permit fee. Pit bulls in shelters face euthanasia. Dog owners and animal rights groups are outraged. Montréal and be…
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Scariest backwater horror icon: Jason Voorhees or Leatherface?

Hailing from Sussex County, New Jersey, with over 120 kills and at a spry 70-years-old, Jason Voorhees is a juggernaut of the horror genre. With a body count of 30 and 7 franchise films, Leatherface single-handedly made the chainsaw the weapon du jour for psychotic murderers. Both have scared, delighted and entertained audiences for decades. But who would win a head-to-head matchup? Read and vote…
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Is Donald Trump's campaign over?

10 hours after an old tape surfaced of Donald Trump making lewd comments about grabbing women's genitals, the candidate's 90-second apology video has done little to quell the media uproar. Several prominent GOP leaders have pulled their endorsements. House Speaker Paul Ryan even uninvited Trump from his own campaign event. But some Trump supporters think this is all a distraction, and a majority o…
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Who should win the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize?

This week another Nobel Peace Prize will be announced. This year, two names are being floated as potential recipients—both controversial in their own right. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has championed an open-door policy to Syrian refugees, and Edward Snowden, who leaked classified intel that revealed a massive civilian surveillance program run by the NSA. Who do you think should win it? R…
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'Luke Cage' is on Netflix, but is binge watching shows bad for you?

The acclaimed "Luke Cage" is FINALLY here. Some will binge watch as a way to relax after a long work week or after a long work day. Others might find a more disciplined approach is necessary for enjoying any show... over a period of time. There are even critics who think binge watching is bad for your mental health, and causes sadness or anxiety. So, is binge watching a fun way to relax, or is it…
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Is it fair to compare Solange's new album to Beyoncé?

Solange Knowles just dropped her third studio album "A Seat at the Table," and it's received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. But with her all success, she still lives in the shadows of sister Beyoncé. While Solange has told fake fans not to like her just because they're Beyoncé haters, fans on both sides compare their music. Solange and Bey are totally different artists, but music compar…
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