Pot or booze?

What's your poison, dear reader? 😉  Pot-smokers and drinkers frequently defend their drug of choice as the best choice. We know, you don't want to have to choose—but if you did, would you pick pot or alcohol? #PotWins🌿 or #BoozeWins🍺 ? Vote below!…
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Are there too many "National _________ Days?"

There are a lot of national holidays now. On Tuesday, it was National Taco Day. Monday was National Boyfriend Day. People are wondering if we really need to celebrate something every day (or if all these days are just marketing ploys). But maybe those people are just haters who don't wanna celebrate! What do you think? Vote below!…
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Is Jesse Watters' schtick funny?

Jesse Watters took his wannabe-Daily-Show segment to New York's Chinatown to interview people about Donald Trump and China for FOX News' "The O'Reilly Factor." He spent five minutes making fun of Asian-Americans. Watters says "it was all in good fun." A lot of people don't think so. But his fans say Watters is hilarious and liberals need to lighten up. Are they right? Vote below.…
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Have we reached peak pumpkin spice?

U.S. consumers purchased nearly $361 million worth of pumpkin spice products in 2014—forcing the tasty gourd into everything from pumpkin spice Country Crock to pumpkin spice hummus. As America's pumpkin spice obsession reaches fever pitch, critics have begun to wage war against what they see as a gastronomical abomination. Others love the autumnal flavor and see it as a celebration of the season.…
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Should US churches lose their tax-exempt status?

There are 335,000 religious congregations in the country that own $600 billion in property—yet they pay no federal, state, local, income, sales, or property tax. This religious tax exemption causes the US to lose $71 billion in potential tax revenue annually. However, supporters of the exemption say keeping churches tax-exempt reinforces the separation between church and state and allows them to d…
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Should we ban clown costumes?

Creepy clown sightings have gotten a little out of hand this year. People dressed as clowns are trying to lure "victims" into the woods. Citizens aren't only terrified, but are taking measures into their own hands. Some folks are petitioning not only to ban clown costumes from Halloween, but altogether... permanently! And several schools have even banned students from dressing up as clowns. But cr…
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Is it body shaming to call out thin people?

Demi Lovato blasted Taylor Swift and any of her friends who don't have "a normal body." Demi said, "it's kind of this false image of what people should look like." While Demi is bringing attention to the unrealistic expectations for women to be skinny, critics think Demi is shaming Taylor and any woman who has a skinnier body type. Does society shame skinnier body types while trying to encourage w…
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Should the US rethink Columbus Day?

The U.S. has honored Christopher Columbus with a federal holiday since 1934, but more cities and states have begun celebrating Indigenous People's Day instead. Critics say Columbus Day celebrations whitewash America's painful history of colonialism, enslavement, and the destruction of Native American cultures. Many point out that Columbus was pretty evil. Supporters say the holiday commemorates an…
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Does WikiLeaks use their powers for good or evil?

Anti-secrecy publisher WikiLeaks marks its 10-year anniversary this week, but not everyone is celebrating. Supporters applaud the organization as whistleblowers who expose classified documents concerning war, spying and corruption. But critics contend their leaks are irresponsible; they're motivated by politics, and they've devolved into a Russian intelligence front. What do you think? Scroll down…
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Funniest horror icon: Freddy Krueger or Chucky?

All of the horror movie monster icons in our bracket are "shit-your-pants" scary, but there are two whose one liners will have you "dying" in laughter. While Freddy Krueger becomes stronger by terrorizing kids in their nightmares, Chucky—a possessed 'Good Guy' doll—has murderous intentions and only wants to become human again. But which horror icon is the most hilariously creative slasher? Read mo…
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