Should planes have child-free zones?

When budget air carrier IndiGo announced it would now offer child-free Quiet Zones on its flights, many criticized the move as discriminatory towards kids. No U.S. carrier has made the change—but should they? Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, and Scoot Airlines have all added adults-only spaces on their flights. In a 2014 Trip Advisor survey, 42 percent of respondents said would pay to sit in a child-fr…
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Who was best dressed at the Golden Globes?

There are always some shockingly bad ensembles at the Golden Globes each year. But two stars in particular brought their A-game to the red carpet: "Fences" star Viola Davis, and "Insecure" actor and producer Issa Rae. Both arrived on the red carpet clad as the exquisite goddesses they are. But who was the best dressed at the Golden Globes?💃🏾…
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Who was worst dressed at the Golden Globes?

Despite highly paid stylists, weeks of preparation, and access to the most elite designers in the world, some stars still manage to show up at Golden Globes looking like trash. Nicole Kidman's deconstructed 'Tin Man' dress resembled something Galadriel would have rejected as too fussy, whereas Sarah Jessica Parker looked like a Renaissance bride who'd decided to sport a cheap comforter. But who wo…
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Do you trust WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange?

In a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Russia was not the source of the hacked Democratic emails the non-profit released during the 2016 election. Assange's claim contradicts reports from 17 intelligence agencies and general political consensus that the Russian government purposely interfered with the presidential election to get Donald Trump elected—and m…
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Should Congress be able to livestream protests?

Republicans changed the rules of House floor so that any member who photographs or broadcasts with their phone can be fined up to $2,500. Democrats say the rules are targeting congressional representatives who held a sit-in to advocate for gun control and streamed the protest live from their smartphones. Republicans say the rules are necessary to prevent disruptions to House business. What do you…
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Is saying 'hey guys' sexist?

When speaking to a group of people, is the phrase 'hey guys' or 'you guys' (or just 'guys') socially acceptable? Most well-intentioned people use it. It almost always means "Hey everyone, I'm speaking to right now." There's no deep thought behind it. But lots of people aren't 'guys.' Shouldn't we say "hey everyone" instead? What some see as harmless, others might see as sexist. What do you think?…
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Should we pay college athletes?

Revenue for college athletics soared north of $900 million in 2015. Head coaches are paid millions of dollars. Student athletes, however, can only receive scholarships—even as some go hungry. Many critics say it is unfair for colleges to profit off the backs of unpaid students; schools make millions while students get nothing. But others say college athletes should be grateful to receive a free ed…
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Are zoos inherently cruel to animals?

Some animal rights activists say zoos are inherently cruel to animals. No matter how comfortable the exhibits are, the animals are trapped and denied the ability to live as they choose—solely for the enjoyment of humans. Supporters of zoos say they are necessary for animal conservation. In addition to raising awareness, many zoos also rehabilitate injured wildlife and save species in danger of ext…
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Should 'Celebrity Apprentice' be terminated now that Trump is gone?

Bodybuilder, actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger officially took over the mantle of "Celebrity Apprentice" boss from President-elect Donald Trump. Schwarzenegger is a household name. He's a "self-made" millionaire with an arsenal of iconic catchphrases. Who better to take the place of Trump?  But, no matter what Arnold does, he isn't Trump, and the ratings for Schwarzenegger's "New Celebrit…
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Did Jesus actually exist?

Most scholars agree Jesus Christ was a real person. But some historians argue the non-Biblical evidence for what is called "the historical Jesus" is thin. There is no mention of Jesus in Roman records, for example. The New Testament Gospels are third-party narratives, written many decades after Christ's death–and they contradict each other frequently. But with two billion followers, it's hard to b…
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