Favorite 'Broad City' lead character: Abbi or Ilana?

"Broad City," the impoverished millennial stoners' answer to "Sex and The City," portrays co-dependent best friends Abbi and Ilana (played by show creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer). Abbi is an aspiring artist, gym cleaner and Bed Bath & Beyond junkie who combats chronic self-doubt with a larger-than-life-sized Oprah poster on her bedroom wall. Ilana is a hedonist with confidence in spades,…
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Best Netflix genre show: 'Stranger Things' or 'Black Mirror'?

No one can deny that Netflix's creepy genre series game is on point. Retro horror sci-fi drama "Stranger Things" melds '80s Steven Spielberg and Stephen King, complete with heroic kids battling monsters and the deep state. Sci-fi anthology series "Black Mirror" is a 21st-century "Twilight Zone," set in a twisted, high-tech near-future where our greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide. W…
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Should the 'X-Men' franchise move to the MCU?

Disney is allegedly in talks to acquire most of 20th Century Fox, and Marvel fans quickly got excited. Marvel sold the rights to "X-Men" to 20th Century Fox during a financial crisis in the '90s. Many fans would love to see Marvel regain the rights back to "X-Men," especially to see a crossover with "The Avengers." Others argue that Fox turned "X-Men" into a successful franchise. While the deal is…
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Daya's best solo hit so far: 'Hide Away' or 'Sit Still, Look Pretty'?

Daya is now 19 years old, and she's one of pop music's rising superstars. She dropped her debut album "Sit Still, Look Pretty" a year ago, featuring the title track and lead single "Hide Away." Both hit singles became Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. "Hide Away" is her highest charting solo single so far, while "Sit Still, Look Pretty" was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2017 Radio Disn…
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Is President Trump trustworthy?

Senator Bob Corker said President Trump was "utterly untruthful" after Trump claimed Corker wouldn't be seeking reelection because Trump "refused to endorse him." Corker is not alone in accusing Trump of being untrustworthy, the president has a history of making questionable—and outright false—statements. But supporters of Trump argue he is trustworthy, and it is the media and politicians who are…
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Can Jimmy Garoppolo save the San Francisco 49ers?

In their search for a franchise quarterback, the San Francisco 49ers may have found their man. San Francisco got Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots for a second-round pick, bringing in a talented quarterback that studied under Tom Brady, and threw for over 500 yards and four touchdowns in two games last year. Still, Garoppolo is going to need a lot more help if the 49ers want to get out…
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Drake's best album: 'Take Care' or 'Nothing Was the Same'?

Drake is now 31 years old. While he started from the bottom, his success is at an all-time high. The Canadian rapper started off on "Degrassi: The Next Generation" before becoming a rising emcee. His debut studio album "Thank Me Later" was released in 2009, and is regarded as his big breakthrough. But many rap music critics credit his sophomore album "Take Care" and his third album "Nothing Was th…
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Does the Jay Ajayi trade turn the Philadelphia Eagles into Super Bowl contenders?

The Philadelphia Eagles made a huge trade to shore up their running game by acquiring Pro-Bowl running Jay Ajayi for a fourth-round pick. With Carson Wentz blossoming, and the Eagles look ready to run through the NFC to clinch a Super-Bowl berth. However, The Eagles have made big moves before only to fall short, and they have some glaring problems that may prevent them from playing in February. W…
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Should American kids be required to say the Pledge of Allegiance?

Controversy erupted in Houston, TX, when a senior public high school student was suspended after refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Some are outraged that students would be permitted to skip the Pledge. Others say forcing students to recite a loyalty pledge against their will violates their free speech rights and is inherently un-American. Should the Pledge of Allegiance be required i…
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Deion Sanders vs. Tony Romo: Who do you got in this war of words?

During a broadcast, CBS football analyst Tony Romo compared Marcus Peter’s lack of desire to tackle as comparable to former Cowboy and Hall of Famer Deion Sanders’. Sanders fired back at Romo, saying the former quarterback won nothing of note with during his playing career. Both of these former athletes are Cowboys legends, but fans are taking sides in this battle of insults. Who are you behind? 🏈…
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