Is it more fun to shop for yourself or for others?

Is it better to give than to receive? Many people find shopping for others a stressful holiday obligation, while others say giving gifts is by far the best part of the season. But who hasn't happened upon the perfect gift for themselves while holiday shopping? Let's face it—when you buy yourself a gift, you know the recipient will enjoy and appreciate it. Would you rather shop for yourself or for…
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Should we stop watching Woody Allen movies?

Woody Allen's next movie reportedly depicts the sexual escapades of a 44-year-old man with much younger women. Allen has made some eyebrow-raising comments on Harvey Weinstein. He also has his own past with sexual abuse accusations, and some argue his films must be boycotted (or that they sucked anyway). Others defend Allen. Some say you can't go mistaking the artist for the art; you can hate Alle…
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Katy Perry's most iconic hit: 'I Kissed a Girl' or 'Firework'?

Katy Perry is now 33 years old, and she remains one of the biggest pop stars of the digital era. Katy has many certified multi-platinum hits that have topped the Billboard Hot 100. "I Kissed a Girl" put Katy on the map, becoming her breakthrough #1 pop hit. "Firework" has gone on to become an inspirational anthem; the song is also regarded as one of Katy's five #1 hits from her magnum opus "Teenag…
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Ciara's best hit: 'Goodies' or '1, 2 Step'?

Ciara is now 32 years old, and she's been slaying us with her dance moves since 2004. Ciara burst onto the scene with "Goodies," topping the Billboard Hot 100. She followed up with the mega pop smash "1, 2 Step" featuring Missy Elliott; the crunk hit had everyone literally trying to attempt the dance craze. Which song is Ciara's ultimate hit? 🎤…
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Should we get rid of the estate tax?

The estate tax, a federal tax on assets left by deceased persons to their heirs, is a bête noire of the right. Dubbed "the death tax" by Republicans, Donald Trump campaigned on the promise to repeal it. Opponents say it's grossly unfair—why should people be taxed again after their deaths? But proponents say the inheritance tax provides essential revenue and only affects a tiny percentage of estate…
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Is it time for Cleveland Browns fans to give up on the team?

The Cleveland Browns were on the verge of acquiring coveted quarterback A.J. McCarron from the Cincinnati Bengals, except the Browns forgot to submit the paperwork, and the trade never went through. Close, but oh so far. With this level of incompetence, it's hard to argue against fans who are deciding to dump the Browns for a less heartbreaking organization. But real fans stick by their teams, eve…
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Who would win a Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor rematch?

In a recent interview, UFC champion Conor McGregor said he would win a rematch against Floyd Mayweather if they fought under same rules. Mayweather looked like he was toying with McGregor in the first match to make the fight more interesting, and he would still dominate the Irishman in a rematch. However, McGregor now has his boxing legs and knows what it takes to battle against one of the best. W…
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Should texting and walking be illegal?

Honolulu recently passed a law that would allow police officers to ticket people for texting while walking in the street. The city of Honolulu argues the Distracted Walking Law will protect pedestrians from stepping in front of moving vehicles, but others believe a penalty of up to $99 for texting and walking is ridiculous, and you can't enforce common sense. What do you think? 📱…
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Is Jon Gruden ever going to coach again?

Any time there is a coaching vacancy in the NFL or at a big-time college program, ESPN broadcaster Jon Gruden always appears as a potential hire. It’s not surprising. He is an intelligent coach, who has the ability to communicate with everyone. There is an itch broadcasting can't scratch, and he's coming back. Still, his job at ESPN is pretty cushy, and there is no reason why he would walk away fr…
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Should vaccines be mandatory?

Public health experts say vaccines should be mandatory because they're unequivocally safe and a majority of the population must be vaccinated in order to protect against outbreaks of diseases. Anti-vaccination proponents say parents should be able to choose what's best for their child. What do you think? 💉…
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