Who is more out of touch: Democrats or Republicans?

House Speaker Paul Ryan became the center of ridicule after he deleted a tweet that shared a story about a secretary who received a $1.50 paycheck boost. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi fired back at Ryan, calling the $1.50 pay increase "crumbs." But many argue the $1,000 bonuses some are receiving under the new tax plan hardly qualify as "crumbs" and Pelosi is out of touch with the average Ame…
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Would you call yourself a feminist?

"Feminist" is a word that gets people worked up, but in the #MeToo era, some say we need it more than ever. President Donald Trump told Piers Morgan he would not call himself a feminist—he and many others find the label divisive. But many say Trump's election has galvanized the feminist movement. Barack Obama has proudly declared himself a feminist; Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls him…
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Are the Cleveland Cavaliers back?

Last week, the Cavaliers looked like a team on the brink of collapse. This week, the team looks rejuvenated with some fresh faces in the lineup. With LeBron James leading a younger, more athletic team, the Cavaliers look like they might be ready to make a deep run into the playoffs. Still, there's always an adjustment period playing with new players, and adding pieces won't necessarily result in p…
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Is President Trump serious about infrastructure spending?

In his State of the Union address, President Trump called on Congress to produce a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill. But last year's "infrastructure week" was an abysmal failure, and critics argue Trump's decision to punt to Congress without a real plan is proof he doesn't take the issue seriously. Trump's defenders argue while he may not have a detailed plan, his intentions to shift the obligati…
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Was selecting Jimmy Kimmel to host the 2018 Oscars a tone-deaf move?

Jimmy Kimmel is set to host the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday, March 4, and the selection is getting mixed reactions in the current political climate. While some enjoyed his hosting in 2017, others were offended by him poking fun at the names of people of color—and some blamed him for the Best Picture mixup. Others argue he's a tone-deaf choice in the era of #MeToo and Times Up. But Kimmel isn't g…
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Who's the most iconic superhero: Batman or Superman?

Batman versus Superman is one of the most polarizing geek debates ever. Both DC heroes are legends in their own right. Superman is arguably the first superhero ever, making his debut in 1938. Batman was created in 1939. Superman influenced many more straight-laced derring-doers; he's also a symbol of hope for fans. Batman represents the darker side of heroics, filled with tragedy and revenge, whic…
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Greatest Super Bowl halftime performer ever: Prince or Beyoncé?

The Super Bowl halftime show has been must-see TV since Michael Jackson's 1993 history-making performance—but who was really the greatest Super Bowl performer of all time? Many say it was Prince in 2007. His Purple Majesty issued blistering guitar solos despite a rainstorm so intense it damaged his guitar. Others vote for Beyoncé, who stole the 2016 show from Coldplay and Bruno Mars with an unapol…
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Would ending net neutrality actually be good for the Internet?

After the FCC announced it would eliminate the net neutrality rules put in place by the Obama administration, open internet activists expressed concern and demanded the internet should remain open to everyone. Since the Internet is as essential as phone lines or power, it should be regulated like an utility. But opponents of net neutrality argue service providers (ISPs) should compete against each…
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Most influential president: Abraham Lincoln or Barack Obama?

Through war, diplomacy, successes and failures, the power of the presidency has been essential in shaping American history. For President's Day 2018, we've asked Tylters to decide which U.S. president made the biggest impact—and now we're down to the final two. Abraham Lincoln saw us through the Civil War but Barack Obama's historic presidency saw both economic recovery and legislative successes. …
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Which is better to watch: Winter Olympics or 'The Bachelor Winter Games'?

Every four years, millions around the world watch as international athletes gather to compete at the highest levels in the Winter Olympics. But the Bachelor Nation would rather watch "The Bachelor Winter Games" spinoff. "The Bachelor Winter Games" gathers former bachelors, bachelorettes and contestants from around the world to compete in winter games. Some call the spinoff just a silly ripoff of t…
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