Does Texas deserve federal aid after opposing the Hurricane Sandy relief bill?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie accused Texas Republicans of being "hypocrites" for seeking Hurricane Harvey federal aid after opposing similar measures in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. While many believe Texas should receive all the funding it needs, others are hesitant to write a blank check to a state that refused to do the same when other states were in need. What do you think?…
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Bebe Rexha's best song so far: 'Me, Myself & I' or 'In the Name of Love'?

Bebe Rexha is now 28 years old, and she's quite the rising pop star with a growing fan base. She's been featured on a few hits, but her best collaborations are with rapper G-Eazy and Dutch DJ/producer Martin Garrix. She and G-Eazy teamed up on "Me, Myself & I," resulting in one of her first top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. "In the Name of Love" with Martin followed, and the future bass-pop sm…
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Best NBA trash talker: Michael Jordan or Larry Bird?

The NBA’s best were honored with awards this summer, so we’re handing a lifetime achievement honor of our own—the NBA’s greatest trash talker. In the final round matchup, we have Michael Jordan versus Larry Bird. Jordan used his play, as much as his mouth, to talk trash. Bird would torture opponents by telling them exactly what he was going to do and then do it. Who is the greatest trash talker of…
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Greatest Team USA field player: Landon Donovan or Clint Dempsey?

USA soccer’s reemergence can be attributed a few players, but none more than Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey. Landon Donovan set the record for international goals scored in a Team USA jersey and provided some of the biggest moments in American soccer. Clint Dempsey just tied Donovan for the scoring record and has one of the best scoring touches Team USA has ever had. Who do you got? ⚽…
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Should leaf blowers be banned?

To landscaping companies and people with big lawns (and bad backs), the leaf blower is a gift from God. But others call them unnecessary abominations that are horrible for the environment. The loudest models emit noise levels as high as 112 decibels (55 decibels is the threshold considered harmful). Plus, they pollute like crazy. But landscapers say leaf blowers are an essential tool, and people h…
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Lea Michele's best 'Glee' rendition: 'Make You Feel My Love' or 'Don't Rain on My Parade'?

Lea Michele is now 31 years old, and she's celebrated for her vocal performances on "Glee." Lea played Rachel Berry, a diva-like Jewish girl with her heart set on being a big star. Her best performances were sentimental—like Rachel singing "Make You Feel My Love" in remembrance of the character Finn and her real-life love for Cory Monteith after his death. But "Don't Rain on My Parade" is a fan fa…
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Should the Democratic Party get rid of caucuses?

Democrats are arguing over whether the party should eliminate caucuses entirely when choosing their presidential nominee. Critics say caucuses are inherently undemocratic. Caucuses take hours, and disenfranchise disabled people, poor people and people of color. Supporters of caucuses say they encourage citizen participation in politics, and it's a good thing that caucuses are public and favor poli…
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Should Japan be forced to stop whaling?

Sea Shepherd says it will not send ships to disrupt Japanese whalers because the Japanese Navy will be escorting the whaling ships. Animal rights activists say Japan is violating the international ban on whaling. Despite what Japan is saying, the whales are being killed for meat, not for research. The Japanese government maintains that the whaling is for research. Whaling doesn't have the same sti…
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Is the iPhone X worth the price tag?

Apple's much awaited iPhone X was finally announced at the Apple Event. It's all screen, everything's been upgraded and comes with facial recognition. It's going to be the platform for augmented reality. It also costs at least $999. Apple fans say the iPhone X is absolutely worth it because it's the pinnacle of the smartphone. Critics say that's way too expensive for a phone and it's not actually…
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Should we add Barack Obama to Mount Rushmore?

Created to bolster tourism in South Dakota, Mount Rushmore famously features the faces of American presidents Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt. Some say it's time we add the face of our first black president to this otherwise white Wall of Fame, not just because of Obama's accomplishments, but because he's a powerful symbol of racial reconciliation in America. His detractors scoff at t…
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