Is it appropriate for celebrities to get political at award shows?

Celebrities have been utilizing popular award ceremonies to raise awareness about the sociopolitical issues in the world for decades. But in the era of the Trump administration, Black Lives Matter and #MeToo, award shows are becoming more and more political. Critics argue award shows should simply focus on entertaining and awarding strong art. But defenders say art is political and diverse, and ce…
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Was George W. Bush a better president than Donald Trump?

George W. Bush left office with a dismal 22 percent approval rating, so unpopular that he wasn't even invited to his own party's convention in 2008. But Bush has enjoyed a minor renaissance of late after speaking out against bigotry and white supremacy in a not-so-subtle jab at President Trump. He also raised eyebrows by admitting Russia meddled in the 2016 election. Others say Bush doesn't deserv…
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Is Colin Kaepernick a hero?

When Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem for racial injustice, he received a landslide of praise and harsh criticism. Many people feel Kaepernick is a hero for bringing attention to the racial inequality people of color face in the United States, winning the GQ Citizen of the Year award. Others look at Kaepernick as a disrespectful malcontent who is unpatriotic for protesting durin…
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Should Jared Kushner still be allowed to work in the White House?

President Trump’s son-in-law-turned-chief-advisor Jared Kushner is reportedly millions of dollars in debt and under FBI investigation. Kushner was part of Donald Trump Jr.'s infamous meeting with a Russian lawyer, failed to disclose meetings with Russian officials and tried to create a secret channel between Moscow and Trump officials. But Kushner hasn't been accused of any crime, and defenders sa…
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What kind of soup did J.R. Smith throw at Damon Jones: Clam chowder or split pea?

Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith got suspended after stewing from home as the team lost to the Philadelphia 76ers and throwing soup at assistant coach Damon Jones. What stirred Smith into such a rage is unknown, and so is Smith's weapon of choice. Clam chowder is not only a popular soup, but it could be a great throwing soup for the chunks of clam and potato. Split pea would also do a lot dama…
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Is Shohei Ohtani going to live up to the hype?

The Japanese Babe Ruth is finally coming to MLB, and he will be wearing a Halo. Shohei Ohtani signed with the Los Angeles Angels, and his first bullpen session has some people excited about his career. Many think Ohtani will be the next superstar in the league with his hard pitches and a fast bat. Still, MLB is littered with the careers of Japanese players who couldn’t cut it in the Majors. What d…
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Are Democrats making a comeback?

After winning in Virginia, New Jersey and Alabama, Democrats just flipped a Missouri state Senate seat that went for Trump by 28 points in 2016. As more and more Republicans announce their retirement, Democrats are more confident than ever that momentum is on their side. But others warn Democrats not to get their hopes up—the party will need more than an anti-Trump message to win in 2018, and gerr…
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Are toll roads good or bad for America?

President Trump's latest infrastructure plan outlines ways in which private-public partnership can help fix America's crumbling roads and bridges, including the liberalization of tolling policy so that private investment can have an active role in rebuilding America. Some argue toll roads are the key to improving infrastructure, decreasing congestion and reducing cost. But others argue toll roads…
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Most influential androgynous music icon: David Bowie or Prince?

Prince and David Bowie passed away in 2016, but their legacies live on. Both musicians shaped pop music with their androgynous gender and sexual identities. Bowie inspired other artists to defy gender norms. The legendary rockstar effortlessly walked the line between flamboyant glam and more stereotypical masculine attributes. Prince not only pushed the envelope with his ambiguous sexuality and ge…
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Should White House officials have to fly coach?

Head of the EPA Scott Pruitt recently admitted he only flies first class because people are mean to him in coach. At least five cabinet secretaries have been investigated for their taxpayer-funded travels, and Tom Price was forced to resign after he cost taxpayers $1 million on private jets. Many are outraged by the amount of money spent on travel, and believe officials should fly coach to save ta…
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