Should Adam Vinatieri retire a Patriot or Colt?

The Indianapolis Colts are getting their kicker back. Clutch kicker Adam Vinatieri is reportedly coming back for his 23rd season and 13th with the Colts. Many people feel Vinatieri should retire as a Patriot where he hit two Super Bowl-winning field goals. However, Vinatieri has been more accurate and spent more of his career with the Colts. He also won a championship with the team in 2006. Where…
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Is President Trump winning?

Despite a turbulent first year, President Trump's approval ratings just hit a 9-month high. This has many wondering: Is Trump actually winning? For all his tweeting, Trump has somehow managed to maintain support with Republican voters, push through a tax cut and reverse a myriad of Obama-era policies. But despite the bump in his ratings, Trump is still the least popular president in modern histor …
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Is posing nude for Sports Illustrated empowering or exploitative?

Golfer Paige Spiranac and gymnast Aly Raisman caused waves by posing nude for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition. Spiranac and Raisman have said posing nude lets them take back their bodies and is the ultimate form of empowerment. Others say there are other ways to empower women without having to exploit their nude bodies. What do you think? 👙…
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Is it okay to punch a Nazi?

The New York Times hired, then fired writer Quinn Norton in part because she defended her friendships with actual Nazis. Many say she deserved it: American fascists are here for violence, not dialogue, and Nazis must be met with force, not friendship. The Internet has a field day of celebration whenever white supremacists get punched. But others say even fascists have free speech rights, and that…
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Should President Trump sanction Russia for meddling in our elections?

Despite overwhelming evidence from the intelligence community that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election and plans to interfere with the 2018 midterms, President Trump has not sanctioned Russia. Congress overwhelmingly voted to impose new sanctions last month, but Trump's State Department argued new sanctions were not necessary and Trump himself has insisted the Russia story is nothing…
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Do you miss Barack Obama?

It's been over a year since former president Barack Obama welcomed Donald Trump to Washington, and many Obama fans still haven't accepted the fact that he is no longer president. With President Trump's ongoing scandals and unpresidential behavior, some mourn the loss of a calm, measured and informed leader. But Obama also has detractors who say he never put America first; Benghazi, Syria, and Obam…
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Who really won the iconic feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford?

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford's Old Hollywood rivalry is so juicy, petty, and legendary. That's exactly why the first season of Ryan Murphy's "Feud" anthology series was called "Bette and Joan." Throughout their decades-long beef, Davis and Crawford took jabs at each other and actively tried to upstage one another in fame and recognition. The feud boiled over on Oscar night in 1963, so it's only f…
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Best national anthem performance ever: Whitney Houston or Jennifer Hudson?

In the wake of Fergie's national anthem fumble, people are asking—whose performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" was the greatest of all time? For many, Whitney Houston's 1991 Super Bowl performance is the absolute gold standard. Both mighty and exquisite, it became a Top 10 radio hit. But others say Jennifer Hudson's rendition is the most iconic; unlike Whitney, JHud sang live (yeah, we said it)…
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Who is more Christian: Democrats or Republicans?

Would Jesus be a member of the Grand Old Party? For decades, the GOP has been synonymous with Christianity, unified around issues like abortion and gay marriage. President Trump owes much of his political success to white evangelical Christians, 81 percent of whom voted for him. But critics say Republicans ignore the actual teachings of Christ like caring for the sick, hungry and poor. They argue…
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Do we really want a 'House Party' reboot?

LeBron James has signed on to produce a reboot of the cult classic "House Party," and purists are offended. Critics argue Kid 'n Play made "House Party" what it is; the original film really captured the essence of early '90s hip-hop culture among Generation X. Other skeptics just don't see the reboot being successful with James' involvement. But others are excited that "Atlanta" writers Stephen Gl…
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