Should Melania Trump's parents be deported?

The Trump Administration loudly opposes "chain migration"—when an immigrant here in the U.S. sponsors other family members to come as well—yet the White House refuses to say whether Melania Trump, a Slovenian immigrant, sponsored her parents to come to the U.S. Some say the First Lady's parents would be deported under the new rules, and that if ICE is knocking down doors in sanctuary cities, the p…
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Should we repeal the Second Amendment?

In 2018 alone, there have been 18 school shootings and 30 mass shootings, including the latest shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 dead. Many say half-measures like background checks are futile—we must amend the Constitution and repeal the Second Amendment. But gun rights advocates say the right to bear arms is sacred, and gun safety groups say the right regulation can and will save liv…
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Favorite holiday rom-com: 'Love Actually' or 'The Holiday'?

"Love Actually" is actually regarded as one of the greatest romance films, and many call it the undisputed greatest holiday romance film of all time. We mean, "Love Actually" mixes the holiday spirit of Christmas and falling in love together; it's about as good as romance gets. But some on the Internet can't disagree more; "The Holiday"— with a strong and more focused cast—has many supporters call…
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Will Congress enact stricter gun laws in the wake of the Florida school shooting?

In the wake of a Florida school shooting that left 17 dead, many are urging members of Congress to enact stricter gun control laws. Some Democratic members of Congress have already made strong statements advocating for stricter gun control, but Republicans have only offered "thoughts and prayers" thus far, and many doubt Congress will do anything to change gun laws. What do you think? 🔫…
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Greatest royal style icon: Princess Diana or Kate Middleton?

The late Princess Diana is one of the great style icons of all time. But some say the fashion influence of Diana's daughter-in-law Kate Middleton is even greater. Diana was dramatic: dressed by renowned designers, she wore bright colors, bold prints, and amazing jewels. Kate's fashion choices lean more proletarian; her habit of re-wearing dresses and sporting outfits from retailers like Zara makes…
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Should sports gambling be legal?

Sports betting may be coming to a state near you. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments for "NCAA v. Christie," which seeks to prevent New Jersey from allowing gambling on sports. Many people have supported the legalization of sports gambling, which will take an underground operation and bring it to the spotlight where it can be regulated and taxed. Others believe sports gambling will taint sport…
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Should Adam Vinatieri retire a Patriot or Colt?

The Indianapolis Colts are getting their kicker back. Clutch kicker Adam Vinatieri is reportedly coming back for his 23rd season and 13th with the Colts. Many people feel Vinatieri should retire as a Patriot where he hit two Super Bowl-winning field goals. However, Vinatieri has been more accurate and spent more of his career with the Colts. He also won a championship with the team in 2006. Where…
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Is President Trump winning?

Despite a turbulent first year, President Trump's approval ratings just hit a 9-month high. This has many wondering: Is Trump actually winning? For all his tweeting, Trump has somehow managed to maintain support with Republican voters, push through a tax cut and reverse a myriad of Obama-era policies. But despite the bump in his ratings, Trump is still the least popular president in modern histor …
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Is posing nude for Sports Illustrated empowering or exploitative?

Golfer Paige Spiranac and gymnast Aly Raisman caused waves by posing nude for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition. Spiranac and Raisman have said posing nude lets them take back their bodies and is the ultimate form of empowerment. Others say there are other ways to empower women without having to exploit their nude bodies. What do you think? 👙…
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Is it okay to punch a Nazi?

The New York Times hired, then fired writer Quinn Norton in part because she defended her friendships with actual Nazis. Many say she deserved it: American fascists are here for violence, not dialogue, and Nazis must be met with force, not friendship. The Internet has a field day of celebration whenever white supremacists get punched. But others say even fascists have free speech rights, and that…
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