Are fidget spinners incredibly annoying?

Fidget toys—specifically, fidget spinners—are the latest trend to hit schools. The idea is a person can focus longer and better when they fidget, so it's ideal for kids with ADHD, autism, or just anyone who has trouble focusing. Some people think fidget spinners are incredibly annoying and do more to distract people than anything. Others swear by fidget spinners and think they're really cool to pl…
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Should Democrats embrace pro-life candidates?

In a Washington Post interview, minority leader Nancy Pelosi created a firestorm by saying the Democratic Party should not require its candidates to support abortion rights. Pelosi and others say the party must be open to pro-life views if they are ever going to win back the socially conservative voters who voted for Donald Trump. But others insist the Democratic Party cannot compromise on its com…
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Do all soldiers deserve to be called heroes?

Soldiers are often celebrated as heroes, but some people say they don't automatically deserve that title. Critics say calling everyone a hero is insulting to the actual heroes. Not every soldier is a hero, and not every war is just. Others say referring to soldiers as heroes is done out of respect and gratitude for their personal sacrifice, not matter how big or small. They are risking their lives…
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Who's really to blame for Hillary Clinton's election loss?

At a recent event in New York, Hillary Clinton talked about the reasons why she lost to Donald Trump, saying she takes "absolute personal responsibility" for losing the presidency to Donald Trump. But she also faulted FBI Director James Comey's bombshell letter and Russian interference, going as far to say that if "the election had been on October 27, I would be your president." Her critics say th…
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Will the Boston Celtics beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in a seven-game series?

After beating the Washington Wizards in seven games, the Boston Celtics are rewarded with an Eastern Conference Finals matchup with the Hansel-levels of hot Cleveland Cavaliers. Yay. Despite being the best team in the East all season, the Celtics find themselves as the heavy underdog to LeBron James and the Cavs. But Boston does have home-court advantage. Do you think they can pull off the upset? …
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Should people stop eating meat?

The Worldwatch Institute says around 50 percent of greenhouse gases come from raising livestock. Proponents of going vegetarian say there are few reasons to eat meat, and every reason to switch to a vegetarian diet. It's ethically better, better for the world, and better for your health. Carnivores say meat is delicious and that's reason enough to keep on eating meat. What do you think? 🍖…
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Who should win 'Lip Sync Battle': Gaten Matarazzo or Noah Schnapp?

The four boys of "Stranger Things" are in stiff competition on this week's "Lip Sync Battle." And let's not forget they all have musical talent, that's why we are facing them off in our mini bracket. Gaten Matarazzo starred on Broadway and has a beautiful singing voice. Noah Schnapp might give Gaten a run for his money; remember, he joined Panic! at the Disco onstage. Who should win? 🎤…
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Who should win 'Lip Sync Battle': Caleb McLaughlin or Finn Wolfhard?

The four boys of "Stranger Things" are in stiff competition on this week's "Lip Sync Battle." And let's not forget they all have musical talents, that's why we are facing them off in our mini bracket. Caleb McLaughlin is not shy when he takes the stage; he is channeling "LSB" host and hip-hop legend LL Cool J in his performance. Finn is a total rocker, and that's why "Buddy Holly" was a great "LSB…
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Is James Comey a hero or a nut job?

The New York Times is reporting that President Trump told Russian officials, just one day after firing former FBI Director James Comey, that Comey "was crazy, a real nut job" and Comey's dismissal had relieved "great pressure because of Russia." On the heels of the purported "Comey Memo," many on the left are warming up to Comey as a hero in this twisted, sordid political saga. But Trump supporter…
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Is Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Goop' complete bullshit?

Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle and wellness brand "Goop" is getting its own quarterly magazine, thanks to Anna Wintour and Condé Nast. Wintour says Goop is "remarkable, a thoroughly modern take on how we live today." Goop's fans have embraced the wellness brand and rely on Paltrow for indispensable life advice. But critics say Goop is nutty new age bullshit for rich people that wants women to shove j…
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