Which Kanye West album is better: 'The College Dropout' or 'Late Registration'?

Fans are celebrating the 12th anniversary of Kanye West's "Late Registration." The album was Kanye's first to debut atop the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, and his popularity was at an all-time high. Others argue "College Dropout" is a better album, and many regard the LP not only as Kanye's breakthrough, but his most iconic. With a string of hit albums under his belt, some will forever love the…
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Is Ivanka Trump a fake feminist?

Ivanka Trump has consistently cast herself as a champion of women, promising to fight for issues like equal pay and paid family leave. But her support of the Trump administration's plan to end an Obama-era policy intended to close the gender pay gap has many asking whether Ivanka is a real feminist or a fake one. What do you think? 🚺…
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Is John Wall the best 2-way point guard in the NBA?

John Wall turned 27 in September and has had a successful NBA career thus far. In early celebration of his birthday perhaps, Wall declared he was the best two-way point guard in the NBA earlier this month. Judging from his 20+ point, 10+ assist average, leading point guards in blocks, and finishing second in steals per game in 2017, he might have a point. However, there are other point guards in t…
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Can cultural appropriation be a good thing?

A recent New York Times piece cheers on cultural appropriation. In it, Bari Weiss argues appropriation is what drives American culture. Since the beginning, we've taken bits and pieces from other cultures in order to create something fresh and new. Critics argue Weiss misses the point. Appropriation isn't about sharing culture. Appropriation is when dominant groups take pieces of other cultures an…
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Is antifa a threat to the U.S.?

Conservatives and centrists see the rise of "antifa," or anti-fascist protesters, using black bloc tactics as a threat to American democracy. Some on the right go as far as saying they're as bad as the fascists they're fighting. Conservatives rail against antifa because the far-left collective uses violence to intimidate and silence others. Supporters point out the antifa movement only uses violen…
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Should people take action instead of offering thoughts and prayers?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many Americans are offering victims thoughts and prayers on social media. It's become a standard line for politicians, but many say "thoughts and prayers" is just a meaningless, insensitive cliché that allows leaders and citizens alike to sidestep facts and avoid taking real action. But defenders say that's cynical—these are sincere offers of condolences from well-…
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Should MLB retire Roberto Clemente's No. 21?

Every September since 2002, MLB has designated a day to celebrate baseball legend Roberto Clemente, one of the best to play the game and one of the greatest humans to walk the Earth. His contributions to baseball and humanitarian causes deserve the highest recognition that only Jackie Robinson has achieved—a league-wide jersey retirement. Still, Clemente didn't break down cultural barriers like Ro…
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Should members of Congress have term limits?

On the campaign trail, President Trump expressed support for term limits on members of Congress. The idea often resurfaces as one way to improve America's broken political system. But while many believe term limits would alleviate dysfunction in Congress, others argue term limits wouldn't solve Washington's problems, and could actually make them worse. What do you think? 🇺🇸…
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Cameron Diaz's breakout movie: 'The Mask' or 'There's Something About Mary'?

Cameron Diaz is now 45 years old, and she's one of the top-grossing movie actresses of all time. But she had to get her start sometime—back in the '90s with hits like "The Mask" and "There's Something About Mary." Playing the leading lady in the box office smash "The Mask" really jump started her career and led to more starring roles. But "There's Something About Mary" garnered Cameron awards reco…
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Should the Boston Red Sox forfeit wins for stealing signs?

According to reports, the Boston Red Sox used an Apple Watch to steal signs while playing the New York Yankees. Major League Baseball needs to step in, and punish the Red Sox by taking away wins the team has against the Yankees. It’s the only way to prevent other teams from employing the same strategy. However, sign stealing has been a part of the game, and though it is frowned upon, taking away v…
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