Best Chris Farley movie: 'Tommy Boy' or 'Black Sheep'

Legendary comedian Chris Farley would only be 53-years-old if he was still alive today. To commemorate Farley's birthday, we're debating the two best films of his short-lived career. "Tommy Boy" kickstarted the movie careers of Farley and sidekick David Spade, and quickly became a cable television staple. "Black Sheep" was the spiritual successor to "Tommy Boy," but with its own subversive take on…
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Should Armie Hammer replace Ben Affleck as Batman?

Ben Affleck is no longer directing "The Batman," and he reportedly might quit being Batman all together. Initially, comic book fans hated the idea of Affleck playing the Dark Knight. But many skeptics grew fond of the actor's portrayal in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." While supporters are hoping Affleck remains in the role, geeks are speculating who'll be the next Batman. Armie Hammer is a…
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Is it time we got rid of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue?

First published in 1964, Sports Illustrated's annual Swimsuit Issue is highly anticipated by millions of fans, but fiercely criticized by people who say it treats women's bodies as a commodity for male consumption. But is looking at pretty women in bikinis really so evil? Some critics say the issue tells boys and men that women's role in sports is to provide titillating entertainment. Is it time t…
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Should Kellyanne Conway be banned from TV?

Kellyanne Conway's critics say TV networks should stop booking her for on-air appearances because she peddles falsehoods and only leaves viewers more confused. She's made up terror attacks and coined the term "alternative facts." Conway's supporters say she's simply doing her job and doing it really well. She's selling Trump's plan to America and is communicating the message he wants to get out. I…
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Should the U.S. rethink its commitments to NATO?

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told NATO allies they must meet their defense spending requirements otherwise the U.S. will "moderate its commitment." NATO's critics say the alliance is obsolete and the U.S. should not be on the hook for defending other countries. NATO's proponents say NATO is essential to deter Russian aggression and the commitment to mutual defense must be honored to maintain peace…
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Do you still want to see Donald Trump's tax returns?

Donald Trump is the first president in 40 years not to share his federal income tax returns. Democrats just tried to gain access to them through the House Ways and Means Committee, but were voted down by Republicans. With the shadow of Russian infiltration looming over the White House, watchdogs say we need to see Trump's tax returns now more than ever. But supporters say this nothing more than a…
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Is it time for Victor Cruz to hang up the cleats?

Star wide receiver Victor Cruz was released from the New York Giants on Feb. 13. Many sports fans are wondering what'll be next for the 30-year-old free agent. There are some who believe he'll move on to another team, and Cruz reportedly in talks with teams like the Denver Broncos. But with major leg injuries and a mediocre season in 2016, some critics argue it's time for him to retire. What do yo…
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Should Congress impeach Donald Trump?

Twitter celebrated with a #TrumpImpeachmentParty after the New York Times reported senior members of the Trump's staff were in contact with senior Russian intelligence officials during the 2016 campaign. Last week, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Trump has not done anything that would warrant impeachment but a lot has happened since last week. Should Trump be impeached? 🎃 🇷🇺 💕…
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Would you buy a Nokia brick phone?

Reboots: they're not just for movies anymore! Nokia is reviving its famous 3310 feature phone—but will nostalgia alone drive sales? Naysayers argue nobody wants a brick phone anymore, that we've grown too accustomed to having tiny computers in our pockets. But the Nokia 3310 is famously indestructible, and some consumers pine for a time when phones didn't come equipped with every last bell and whi…
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Who would win in a fight: Manny Pacquiao or Amir Khan?

Manny Pacquiao recently tweeted at fans to pick his next opponent on his "retirement tour." Many thought he would fight the Australian schoolteacher turned boxer Jeff Horn on April 23, but Pacman's tweet contradicts that. Horn versus Pacman may or may not happen, but Amir Khan (a.k.a. King Khan) won the poll. Many fans want to see the face-off, and Khan has been campaigning for years to fight the…
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