Did the Golden State Warriors steal the Cavaliers' playoff motto?

Cleveland Cavaliers fans are irked the Golden State Warriors seemingly swiped Cleveland's playoff motto, "Defend The Land," for their own—"Defend Our Ground." The Cavs have been referring to Cleveland as "The Land" ever since LeBron James returned in 2014; there's merchandise for it and everything. Cavs fans say it's tactless move by a tactless organization. Warriors fans think it's much ado about…
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Do marathon runners deserve all the praise they get?

More than 30,000 people ran the annual Boston Marathon, and the Internet is rife with accolades for the marathoners' tenacity and general awesomeness. But is this adulation a little much? Yes, marathon runners are hard-working athletes who endure suffering while they train—but social workers, teachers, firemen, soldiers, and EMTs also put in long hours and endure intense deprivation, without nearl…
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Can Henry Cavill ever top Christopher Reeve as Superman?

Geeks recently found out Henry Cavill donned Christopher Reeve's classic Superman costume in his screen test for "Man of Steel." Many fans love the homage, but the debate on whether or not Cavill can top Reeve as Superman continues. Cavill's fans argue the "Man of Steel" star has already surpassed Reeve; Cavill launched an entire shared universe! But Reeve's iteration of Superman is iconic. Some f…
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Emma Watson's best role: Belle or Hermione?

Emma Watson is turning 27 years old on April 15, and the young actress has already made her mark on Hollywood by playing strong heroines. "Harry Potter" fans would argue brave wizard Hermione Granger is her most popular role—and she did play the heroic character in eight films. But many Disney fans call her casting "perfect" as the iconic Disney princess and beautiful bookworm Belle in "Beauty and…
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Should the White House visitor logs be public?

The Trump administration is breaking from the Obama-era practice of disclosing visitors to the White House. White House Communications Director Michael Dubke said the move is necessary to ensure the president is able to seek advice without risk of exposure or scandal. Government ethics experts say taxpayers are entitled to know who is meeting with elected officials. What do you think? 👀…
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What's the best way to get clean: Showers or baths?

Let's face it, humans are dirty animals. Personal hygiene isn't just good for social purposes, it keeps you healthy. So what's the best way to get clean? Bathing is more versatile; you can do it in a river, lake or bathtub. Throughout history, baths have been used for both social gatherings and religious purposes. But showers are arguably more convenient, efficient and effective. If this is about…
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Is Kendrick Lamar's 'To Pimp A Butterfly' better than 'DAMN'?

Kendrick Lamar is back by popular demand! Fans couldn't wait any longer for his new album "DAMN," and finally they got the fire they've been waiting on. Many listeners say the rapper gets better with every album, but others are comparing "DAMN" to Lamar's previous LP, "To Pimp a Butterfly." Some critics argue "DAMN" is a damn good album, but "To Pimp A Butterfly" is his magnum opus. What do you th…
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Do you still want to see Donald Trump's tax returns?

Donald Trump is the first president in 40 years not to release his federal income tax returns. With an active FBI investigation into alleged Russian ties looming over the White House, watchdogs say we need to see Trump's tax returns now more than ever. There are more than 60 anti-Trump protests planned nationwide on April 15. But supporters say the constant demand for Trump's taxes is just a witch…
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Sarah Michelle Gellar's best role: Buffy or Kathryn Merteuil?

Get ready to feel old. Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of the '90s most iconic teen idols, but now the former scream queen is celebrating her 40th birthday. And what better birthday present than to debate her best role? Gellar was slaying before it was even cool, back when she played the Buffy on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." But she's also known for her portrayal of Kathryn Merteuil in "Cruel Intenti…
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Who's the better Batman: Ben Affleck or Christian Bale?

Ben Affleck took over the Batman mantle after the DC Comics went all shared universe to compete with Marvel. Many Batman fans (and critics) never thought Affleck could fill Christian Bale's shoes, following the commercial and critical success of "The Dark Knight" trilogy. And many critics still wish Bale's franchise was the one that launched the DCEU-related films. Others argue Affleck brought som…
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