Is Pablo Sandoval the worst MLB free agent signing of all time?

The Boston Red Sox handed Pablo Sandoval a fat five-year, $95 million contract after 2014. Since then he’s only played 161 games for Boston since 2015, and hit for a .237 average, making him one of the worst free agent signings of all time. However, there have been other players who were far less productive after signing huge contracts. What do you think? ⚾…
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Are the new NFL overtime rules stupid?

According to reports, the NFL owners are expected to vote in favor of decreasing the overtime period for regulation games from 15 to 10 minutes. Critics of the change are worried that five fewer minutes will result in more ties. However, the NFL is citing player safety in the reduction of time. This would be the second major change to overtime rules within seven years. That's a lot of tinkering. W…
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What kind of grill is better: Gas or charcoal?

Grilling purists say nothing can ever beat the flavor from charcoal. There's nothing like the smoky sear a good charcoal grill gives your food. But others swear by gas grills. They're infinitely more convenient (you only have to push a button!) and most importantly, you have complete control over the temperature. It's all about that perfect cook. What do you think? 🔥…
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Should MLB get rid of umpires?

June 19 marks the first time baseball was reportedly played in the United States, and in honor of that historic day in 1846, we're debating some of the biggest questions in baseball—like should MLB replace umpires with technology? Umpires are an essential part of baseball, and although they get some calls wrong, human error is part of the game and adds drama. However, errors should not be accepted…
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Is Disney caving to political correctness?

Disney will be updating its Pirates of the Caribbean ride to remove a "Bride Auction" scene and replacing it with something more family-friendly. Critics say Disney is caving to politically correct culture and sanitizing history. Others point out Disney has made changes to the ride in the past—the ride should reflect our current culture, which generally frowns upon bride auctions. What do you thin…
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TLC's most iconic album: 'CrazySexyCool' or 'FanMail'?

TLC released their self-titled final album, and the Internet is loving it. TLC reigned supreme throughout the '90s, and the group's resurgence is making Millennials super nostalgic. After the hit debut album "Ooooooohhh... On the TLC Tip," the group matured and released their Diamond-certified magnum opus "CrazySexyCool" in 1994. But after many ups and down, they found their way back on top with "…
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Is Taco Bell better than Chipotle?

It's the ultimate dilemma—do you to go to Taco Bell or Chipotle to satisfy that Tex-Mex craving? Taco Bell fans swear by the chain because it's the ultimate comfort food. Between the chalupas, inspirational hot sauce packets and the Doritos Locos Tacos, there's no reason to eat food anywhere else. Others think Taco Bell is trash food. Chipotle is fresh, healthy and it's the best thing that's happe…
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Can Jay-Z's '4:44' top 'The Blueprint'?

Jay Z's highly anticipated album "4:44" is out, and listeners are raving about the rapper's thirteenth studio album. Fans have renamed the LP "The Blueprint 4," after Jay Z's "The Blueprint." Some fans believe Jay has topped himself with the new album. After all, "4:44" is his most personal album yet, responding to Beyoncé's "Lemonade" (all but confirming he strayed from their marriage). But "The…
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Are the ESPYs pointless?

Last night, the red carpet was rolled out to honor some of biggest stars in professional sports at the ESPYs. But is there any reason for the dog and pony show? Athletes from each sport already get their own awards, and having an Oscar-style show is overkill. However, the award show highlights lesser known stories and doubles as a fundraiser for cancer research. What do you think? 🏆…
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Best male pop artist of 2017 so far: Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran?

This is clearly the year of the pop crooner with chart-toppers Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran leading the pack. Bruno released his #1 third album "24K Magic" late last year, and the success of the LP has carried over into 2017 with the mega smash "That's What I Like." Ed made his grand return with his huge #1 hit "Shape of You" and his chart topping album "÷." Who's on track to becoming this year's top…
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